Beacon Hall Archives Meeting Minutes
Volnes, day 16 of the month Fashanos in the year 5115
(Monday February 16th, 2015)


  • Orssus
  • Chira
  • Ahrairah
  • Storyteller Kayse
  • Chancellor Kaldonis
  • Vault Guardian Fyrentennimar
  • Teasurii
  • Kirryk
  • Light Keeper Jersea
  • Keeper Astru
  • Aceso

Old Business

Fashnos Event

  • Went really well
    • Everyone cried at the story.
      • Kayse requests logs for posting.
    • Ball was not boring.
  • Post-event report required

Officer Elections

  • First round complete
    • Teasurii and Kayse elected.
    • Teasurii to be invested after meeting.
  • Next round
    • Skipjack has disappeared lately (had expressed interest in becoming House Envoy)
    • Raincail also expressed interest in House Envoy position during nomination period.
      • More discussion required to sort out this issue.
    • Selema election for Co-Secretary
      • Election to come.

Ongoing Business

House Membership

  • By-laws say to announce intended membership on forum, but that's not how it's been done lately (old bha forum defunct, hasn't happened on the officials).
  • Use wiki for membership requests?
  • Issues with potential members who are unable to attend meetings, streamlining the process so people don't have to wait around so long to get membership etc.
  • Provisional membership and contribution to house not necessarily tracked very well.
    • Interview to include project proposals?

New Business

Charlatos Event

  • Originally, Skipjack volunteered to co-ordinate tour and game
  • But he's disappeared, so Kaldonis volunteers to run tour and do GoF
    • Kaldonis requests gems for GoF
  • Leyan, 11th of Charlatos at 21:00 (Wednesday, 11th of March at 9pm EST)
    • Date chosen to help people with different schedules.

New Member Induction

  • Chira, Orssus, Aceso
    • vote: 7 in favour, none opposed.
    • Inducted at the end of the meeting.

Olaesta Event

  • Annex tour desired, but possibly not done?
  • Teasurii volunteers to run an event in Ivastaen and Lumnea
  • Contest?

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