Beacon Hall Archives Meeting Minutes
Volnes, day 20 of the month Olaesta in the year 5115
(Monday April 20th, 2015)


  • Orssus
  • Storyteller Kayse
  • Chancellor Kaldonis
  • Light Keeper Jersea
  • Teasurii
  • Keeper Astru
  • Great Lady Augierose (arrived late, left a little early)

Old Business

Officer Elections

  • Almost done with the backlog of elections!
    • Selema has yet to be invested to Event Coordinator (co-secretary)
  • Election of Raincail as Envoy finishes at the end of the week.
  • Skipjack might be running for Curator... if he shows up again.
  • So far, new officers are meeting their hours.
  • Probably no new officers for a while. (yay!)

Olaesta's Event

  • Ruined tower and workshop event
    • Coordinated by Ueru (for house project)
  • Turned out well.
    • Large turnout (11 for the tour, 14 for the workshop, not counting organizers)
    • Parts of tour might have been a bit rushed, but that happens.
  • Suggestion to do more workshop events due to popularity
    • No regular wizard though...
      • Teasurii mentions Koda or Faulkil could turn up with enough notice (both have offered to help).
      • Astru points out that Augierose was doing a bit at the workshop event too.

Ongoing Business

Information for New Members

  • Kaldonis did not make much progress.
  • Kayse started basic things for people who want to join.
  • Important to include:
    • House pins (explaining how they work, where to find)
    • Finishing list of where all the lockers are in all towns

House tour

  • Kaldonis claims to have heard his tours are "very terrible" (from himself).
  • Kayse mentions "I survived a BHA house tour" charms as prizes.

New Business

Goat pin

  • Formal vote on whether it was okay for Kaldonis to spend 5 million of the house's money on a goat pin for goatfest.
    • 5 in favour, 1 abstain (Kaldonis). Motion passes.
  • Teasurii asks if it's possible to put a goat pin into the prize closet.
    • Kaldonis and Jersea had asked before and told no.
    • Discussion on whether it would be possible as a once a year prize since this seems like a good idea (in case we cannot find a goat pin on the market one year).
    • Jersea quotes Scrimge: "No this script would certainly not be available as a prize closet item. It might be possible to request one for a raffle, but this would require obtaining permission from the script owner, and may not be possible. You can request it, but there s no guarantee. As such, a reasonable backup idea would be wise to have in your Event Support Request."
    • Astru suggests that injecting more goat pins into the market is always a good plan.
  • Kaldonis requests an official check for the treasury balance.
    • Teasurii quotes "around 123,274,470"
      • Kayse claims to owe 25k to the treasury
  • Since officers are not allowed to enter the raffle and since it would be cruel to lock the goat pin in a locker until goatfest, Kaldonis proposes to let the officers play with the pin in the meantime and lends it to Jersea for a month.

Quarterly Report

  • We did not request anything on the last quarterly report.
  • Annex was requested since Q2 or Q3 last year...
    • We got other stuff done since, but maybe giving less work means it will be done sooner.
  • Next quarterly report will need anything we'd like to design for goat fest.
    • Teasurii volunteers Kirryk, who loves that stuff.
  • Also, prizes, props and anything else we need for events.
    • More badges for games (like the lightening bolt badge).
      • Badges being designed in the wiki Sandbox (mostly Kayse and Kaldonis have done work).
  • Kayse designed winterberry perfume as a prize.



  • Aspis is planning on holding the 20th annual Bardfest this year
    • In mid-July
  • Looking for performers
  • Probably also looking for judges.
    • Possibly if a BHA officer judges, the house can get some credit.
    • Judge needs to commit to all the days (three nights, finals one week later).

Ivastaen event

  • House tour and games run by Ahrairah. (as project)
    • Game is bridge jumping.
  • Wednesday, May 13th at 9:00 PM EST

Lumnea event

  • Aeia event lead by Astru (after much discussion, see below)
  • Time to be determined before calendar submission.
  • Jersea mentions having lore and a book.

Future event ideas

  • Another storybook event
  • Orsuss's sheath-making workshop
  • Ki'lin hunt
    • Not until we have a Landing Annex
  • Teasurii has a new game called Rolton Rampage
    • Can be demoed at a future meeting.
    • Possibly next game will be "walk the goat" (after discussion about the need for planks).
  • House hunt
  • Visit the Huntress's shrine (it's been a while)

Other, slightly off-topic while discussing events.

  • Teasurii mentioned having a number of books about RR to copy to our website!

New Member vote

  • Augierose voted upon (6 in favour, none opposed, none abstain).
    • To be inducted whenever an officer finds her and whisks her off to the bank.

This month's minutes compiled by Astru.
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