Beacon Hall Archives Meeting Minutes
Restday, day 16 of the month Ivastaen in the year 5115
(Saturday May 16th, 2015)


  • Great Lady Augierose
  • Orssus
  • Lady Neolandra
  • Storyteller Kayse
  • Alahnna
  • Kirryk
  • Vault Guardian Fyrentennimar
  • Chancellor Kaldonis
  • Keeper Astru

Old Business

Ivastaen Event

  • Hall tour and bridge jumping led by Ahrairah
  • Tour notes should be assembled for easier tours in the future?

Game rules

  • Game rules should have been explained more clearly
  • Book of game rules suggested
  • Discussion on the necessity of explaining rules about healing/raising
    • Should be explained before the games begin


  • Badge for Gem of Fate, more can be designed

New Business


  • Minor tweaks for WL Annex required
  • To be requested
  • Add a sign outside?

Lumnea Event

  • Story of Aeia by Astru
  • Plan to visit Aeia-related locations around River's Rest
  • Alahnna offers assistance
    • notes that the deed pool is Aeia
    • suggests green sapphires in Aeia's shrine

Koaratos Event

  • Tour and games (in the WL Annex)
  • Kaldonis will ask Khiya to assist due to her contributions to the Annex
  • Game can be to leap from the Treehouse and make money rain

Phoenatos event

  • Ki'lin hunt
  • Possibly co-hosted

Next Annex

  • Location required (town)
  • Theme
    • Treehouse (Fyre)
  • Make a series of votes
    • Each vote for two weeks

This month's minutes compiled by Astru.
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