Beacon Hall Archives Meeting Minutes
Leyan, day 26 of the month Phoenatos in the year 5115
(Thursday August 26th, 2015)


  • Dagwyn
  • Dagonis
  • Orssus
  • Talinvor
  • Storyteller Kayse
  • Light Keeper Jersea
  • Keeper Astru
  • Lillinia
  • Teasurii
  • Kirryk
  • Fyrentennimar (showed up at the very end)



  • Set a date (Jastatos 9-11 selected, 7 aye, none opposed then 4 aye, none opposed because Jersea wanted us to vote twice to make it official)


  • Zoo Tour, Greedy Goatherd, Goat Beauty Contest, Goat MILK?, Trivia Quest / Scavenger Hunt, Goat "Tales", Beacon Hall's Fishing Tournament
    • Coordinators decided for all but Fishing (Astru volunteers), Goat Tales (Dagonis volunteers) and Goat MILK
  • Exact times decided after meeting.


  • Goat pin (done)
  • Malisai to ensorcell (confirmation required)
  • Ahrairah had something (confirmation required)
  • Merchant time
  • Teasurii suggests materials from Durskin (to be decided)


  • If one way portals are possible... otherwise, no.
    • Check!


  • Pin for this year's Goatfest required
  • Suggestions include:
    • a goat munching on a winterberry stalk
    • a little sack pin labeled Goat Kibble
    • a round bellied goat standing next to an empty sack
    • a shepherd's crook pin (no show) Read Get your goat on! Goatfest 5115
    • a pin with an arrow pointing left, or right, saying "I'm with the old goat."
    • a pin that says "Goat got your shirt?"
  • To be decided after meeting


  • gold, silver, and copper bags of goat kibble

Ki'lin Hunt recap

  • Good turn out, two horns acquired, lore was good, Kaldonis submitted report
  • Horns given out based on spinner (Kirael got one, Rolfard got the other)

Imaerasta event

  • Storytime event (Kayse is coordinator)
  • Will have many stories (Jersea has a few about the Rest)

Eoantos event

  • Tour and games
    • Teasurii would like to go through the house and write up something about everything.
    • Kirryk boasts of being able to write a tour so amazing people will pay to come.

Solstice ornaments

  • Need to be figured out sooner or later

This month's minutes compiled by Astru.
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