Beacon Hall Archives Meeting Minutes
Restday, day 16 of the month Olaesta in the year 5116
(Saturday April 16th, 2016)


  • Chancellor Kaldonis
  • Keeper Astru
  • Enestrie
  • Light Keeper Jersea

Olaesta Event

  • Bookworms event
  • It went well, reasonable turnout and lots of words were defined.
  • Kayse's story went well
  • Prospective member turned up
  • A GM turned up
  • Submissions seem to all be pending
  • Event worth doing again, probably not more than once a year (maybe next time in the Landing)

Ivastaen Event

  • Tour and games in the Landing Annex
    • To be run by Astru
    • On the 14th of Ivastaen
  • Prizes: Badge and gems
    • Herbal sets too?

Lumnea Event

  • Something hosted by Jersea
    • Details pending
    • Night at the museum, maybe?


  • Seethe Naedal location?
    • Vote 4 Aye, 0 Nay, pass information along to members


  • Review officer requirements?
  • Each officer should run one event per year, plus one event at Goatfest
    • Provide good excuse for not doing so or resign?

This month's minutes compiled by Astru.
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