Beacon Hall Archives Meeting Minutes
Restday, day 21 of the month Ivastaen in the year 5116
(Saturday May 21st, 2016)


  • Light Keeper Jersea
  • Vault Guardian Fyrentennimar
  • Chancellor Kaldonis
  • Keeper Astru
  • Lalkcriga

Ivastaen Event

  • Tour and games at the Wehnimer's Landing Annex hosted by Astru
  • Was well-attended (approx 10 attendees)
  • Kaldonis won Gem of Fate, shared prize with Fyonn
  • Only one fatality, Astru has to try harder next time
  • See about getting badges to have the year on them?
    • Correct Archives to Archive

Lumnea Event

  • Star lore
    • Followed by flinger!
    • To be run by Astru
  • Request for the date to be moved to the 25th.

Koaratos Event

  • Tour and games?
  • To be determined


  • Location to be settled:
    • First location was rejected, two others are possible
    • Additional location in Sylvarrand suggested
    • HOUSE VOTE to be set up
  • Map might need to be redone
    • Have to have everything behind "walls" since there is no lore in the area
    • Add some archway/walls to climb over/go through?

Stove Design

  • New design required since chiminea was not approved


  • Four people on list
    • Haven't seen them around lately
  • Maybe recruit more from abroad?


  • Should maybe be in Phoenatos this year
  • Prepare for that next meeting!
    • Especially get things ready for the quarterly!

This month's minutes compiled by Astru.
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