Beacon Hall Archives Meeting Minutes
Restday, day 16 of the month Phoenatos in the year 5120
(Sunday, August 16, 2020)


  • Chancellor Kaldonis
  • Keeper Astru
  • Chronicler Riverman
  • Hall Guardian Fyrentennimar (represented as an alt)


  • Anniversary Brunches are going well.
    • Kaldonis picked up some minor prizes, may request a reimbursement if necessary
  • Ki'lin Hunt is tentatively scheduled (see Calendar/2020-09-05?)
    • Final date and time will depend on Kenstrom and any conflicts, TBA
    • Xorus recently lectured for the Faendryl Enclave, considering what to prepare for us


  • Anniverary Brunches might finish out with any of:
    • Bridge Jumping
    • Turban of Death
    • Fishing
  • We will continue brunches again at noon in September
    • There was one request from a non-member to move the time by 1 hour
    • No consensus reached to change what has become our standard time

Future IP Expenditures

  • Gift box is not essentially needed, as it turns out we have one.
  • Any other badges?

Building and Grounds Support

  • We'll take a break until the additional IMT requests are implemented.
  • Darts in our prize closet are bugged. Elidi was notified.

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Compiled by Kaldonis

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