Beacon Hall Archives Meeting Minutes
Restday, day 21 of the month Fashanos in the year 5121
(Sunday, February 21, 2020)


  • Frebble
  • Chronicler Riverman
  • Vault Guardian Sarmoya
  • Keeper Astru
  • Gidion
  • Curator Sivath
  • Gnurr
  • Chancellor Kaldonis
  • Hall Guardian Fyrentennimar

General business

  • Sivath asks about prospective member Theoln
  • Riverman asks about status of book creation


  • No updates on Icemule fixes
  • Unclear if we can have an annex at Kraken's Fall
    • Should Kaldonis email Wyrom? vote: 7 aye, one positive giggle
    • Kaldonis will email Wyrom and copy officers
  • Solhaven estuary design concept
    • Dock with lighthouse on estuary, like Ayr

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Compiled by Astru

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