Beacon Hall Archive Meeting Minutes
Restday, day 16 of the month Ivastaen in the year 5121
(Sunday 16 May 2021)


  • Hall Guardian Fyrentennimar
  • Chancellor Kaldonis
  • Chronicler Riverman
  • Keeper Astru
  • Frebble
  • Gnurr
  • Lurrah
  • Vault Guardian Sarmoya
  • Raincail

Icemule Annex updates

  • Cat and food are on the way
  • Library still pending

Solhaven Annex

  • Preparing pre-approval of concept (lighthouse with estuary) and location (near Marshtown docks)
  • Details currently on website.
  • Vote to submit pre-approval request 6 Aye, 1 abstain
  • Pre-approval request to be submitted to Elidi by Kaldonis
  • Can start to work on room designs etc

Closing Beacon Hall to public

  • Due to recent thefts and harassment of Kaldonis as chair, the house has been closed
  • Additional issues with script hunters resting at the tables, including problems with them running through the courtyard during deadly games
  • Clarification: closing the house means members can freely enter and non-members can enter in the company of members. Non-members would not be able to enter unaccompanied.
  • Vote to close the house for the next month: Aye: 5 Aye (+1 Aye in absentia), 2 abstain
  • General agreement to mention issues with particular individual to Elidi


  • 30th anniversary of CHEs is one week before BHA 20th anniversary
  • Major requests due for quarterly on July 7th, smaller requests by August 3rd
  • Tours, merchants, props, new prize closet items
  • 60 mins of merchant time (live instead of raffles)
  • T5 ensorcell raffle
  • 5x tower shield with 2x max light and nice show
  • Kaldonis volunteers for Marsh Keep tour with boot/log, tale of bridges etc
  • Overarching storyline with GM support?

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Compiled by Astru

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