Beacon Hall Archive Meeting Minutes
Restday, day 16 of the month Lormestra in the year 5122
17:00 ~ 18:00 elven time standard
(Sunday, 16 January 2022, 17:00 - 18:00 EDT)


  • Astru
  • Kayse
  • Kaldonis
  • Mercucius
  • Solmarar
  • Fyrentenimar
  • Riverman
  • Frebble


  • New crier submitted
    genericbha: At the edge of your hearing, waves break against a shoreline and a warm breeze carrying the scent of sea salt graces your senses. Beneath the sound a gentle whisper floats through the air, "Something is about to happen at Beacon Hall Archive. Meet in the town commons for further instructions." The wind dissipates suddenly leaving a faint lingering smell of ocean air."

Past events

  • Brunch turnout was okay this month
    • The time is a bit early for some people

Future events

  • All 2022 Brunches are already on this wiki
  • 2022 Brunches up through June were requested for

Thursday, February 10th

Romance in the Rest

  • Start time: 9PM (EDT)
  • Location: River's Rest, Town Commons (Lich #10861)
  • Coordinator: Kayse

Whether you're lucky in love or thankful you're not, come celebrate the day of Voaris and Laethe with Beacon Hall Archive on Niiman, the 10th day of Fashanos (February 10, 2022). We will gather in the River's Rest town commons at 9:00 in the evening (9:00 PM ET) before moving to the narrow point to hear the tale of Estamil and Tandrik. The evening will conclude in the Beacon Hall courtyard to play a game of Two's Company. Prizes will be awarded to our top winners and refreshments will be provided.

  • Frebble submitted the TownCrier request

Flower language lore in March?

  • Kayse?

Goatfest in May

  • Needs to be finalized by April 3
    • Kayse to lead organization, looking for volunteers to help
  • Basic scenery and prize discussions


  • Mercucius interested to help with events (shadowing someone else to start)
    • Ring of Fire or a game with lightning in a Ruined Tower pool are possible deadly games for a mage
  • Kaldonis and Astru will become busy IRL from mid-March


  • Kaldonis needs to swap to a new amazon ec2 which otherwise begins charging, early March

New game pins

  • Dice of Fate
  • Turban of Death
  • Ring of Fire?

Compiled by Kaldonis
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