Beacon Hall Archive Meeting Minutes
Restday, day 17 of the month Koaratos in the year 5122
17:00 ~ 17:30 elven time standard
(Sunday 17 July 2022, 5:00 - 5:30 PM EST)


  • Seok
  • Raincail
  • Astru
  • Frebble
  • Kayse
  • Fyrentennimar
  • Kaldonis


  • Q2 quarterly report was submitted, but a bit late
    • No requests were made, only the necessary formalities
  • Need to check on brunch submissions
    • Festivals, merchants, etc, keep overlapping this month
    • Hopefully we can get in one good brunch in July
  • Need more minutes


  • Confirmed all brunches are on the official calendar until the end of this year
  • Our wiki calendar is also good up to the end of 2022
  • Bug hunt in RR next Sunday,, July 24th at 1pm
  • 8th Ki'lin Hunt will go ahead this year
    • Frontier Days is no more, which was the origin of the event
    • Last year was the CHE 30th Anniversary
    • Already agreed with Kaldonis, Rolfard, and Xorus
    • Month TBD. Recent years has been September, but previously was August


  • Kaldonis set up another PukiWiki for his job IRL, and learned some stuff
  • A few overhauls might be coming ... "RSN"

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