Here's the list of the foods I found around the house and its locations. Some or all of these could be added to the House pantry and could then be available for use on the cart. This should be at no cost to the house.

I am suggesting we place our initials behind the food items we would be most interested in seeing added to the pantry. If there are any items we would like removed we can also request that.

[Beacon Hall, Entry Hall]

On the cart:

a crisp Moomph pickle  		JO
a stuffed plover's egg			
a slice of savory pickled herring	
a tall glass of goat's milk		JO
a baked crab cake		

[Beacon Hall, Dining Room]

On the (ebony) table:

a hot buttered scone			JO
a bowl of hot onion soup		
a slice of acorn bread			
a lightly salted cucumber		JO
a crisp fern salad			
a nice ripe pear				

On the (dessert) cart:

a cup of toadstool tea			
a baked appled dumpling		
a cup of steaming herb tea		
a small chocolate lighthouse		JO
a frosty mug of hearty Archive ale	

On the (linen-covered) table:

a cup of savory dill grouse stew	
a bowl of roasted rabbit stew		
a slab of freshly grilled perch		
an ant-stuffed aardvark steak		

In the oven:

a grape tart				
a strawberry tart			

On the counter:

a fresh strawberry			
a bunch of grapes						

[Beacon Hall, Game Room]

On the bar:

a mug of Frosted River Ale		
a goblet of house champagne (we already have champagne in the pantry)
a glass of Goblin Shot			
a flagon of Warrior's Comfort		
a silver tray	

On the tray:

some spicy bread			
an orange potato			
some alligator gumbo			
a snifter of fine Torre cognac		JO


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