A preliminary place to keep track of items we have for prizes, useful for when we play our Games!


A log of the prize closet captured January 14, 2021

On the green shelf:

a heart-shaped hoof print pinan empty leash pinsome silvery crimson dartsa pair of crimson dice with silver lighthouse-shaped pipsa fishing goat trophya bronze-cast stein intricately engraved with an open tomea towering goat trophya laughing goat trophya golden goat coinsome embossed white paper

On the blue shelf:

a woven sea grass survival kit clasped with alabaster corala wooden dock badgea blood eagle feather quilla six-petaled flaming violet trapped within an amber pinpair of ivory leather gloves with crimson stitchingan intricate void badgean aquamarine glaes flask etched with water dropsa lilac crystal vial labeled with a clouda sky blue glaes tube engraved with a sneezing aardvarka sea green glass ampul labeled with a skull and crossbones

On the orange shelf:

a vine-wrapped pale green vial

On the black shelf:

a crimson leather case crested with the image of a lighthousea pair of smudged oval reading spectaclesa split-tailed round blue ribbon embroidered with a golden lighthousea deep crimson sailcloth bookbaga split-tailed round yellow ribbon embroidered with a silver lighthousea split-tailed round red ribbon embroidered with a silver lighthousea crimson glass bottle of winea silver letter openera silver triad-of-otters trophyan oak and gold sea thrak trophy

On the red shelf:

an oaken bucket pina pewter cutter pin with a goat at the helma lightning bolt badge surrounded by a ring of scorched gemsan upraised hand trophya dancing goats trophyan escaping goat trophya peering kobold shepherd trophy

On the white shelf:

a broken bridge badgea rusty catapult pin

On the yellow shelf:

a rainbow-hued dragon pendanta delicate charm braceleta sea green linen pouch clasped with a golden palm fronda cobalt glass phial of aloeas incised with a pair of dolphinsa cobalt glass phial of rose-marrow inscribed with a lighthouse reliefa red lacquer pipea cobalt glass phial of pothinir imprinted with a sea turtlea cobalt glass phial of ephlox etched with a tidal wavea lacquered red gift box engraved with an open tome and quilla carved cherrywood pipe


Other items

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