Here is a place for house members to brainstorm on new ideas.
Any new page you make for playing, brainstorming, or sharing ideas can be linked here.


  • Can I throw sand in the sandbox?
    • Yes, and you should. Just don't erase stuff that's unfinished!
  • How can I play in the sandbox?
    • The best bet is to hit the Edit button, make a page or category here, Update, then click the broken link(s) to make your new pages.

Solhaven Annex

Go play with this new idea!

Q1 2021

new badges

  • broke bridge badge

Q4 2016

Solstice Ornament

Prize Closet Items

Pantry Food


Kobold Librarian


Items to Represent BHA

Ta'Illistim Annex

Icemule Annex

Capture the Flag

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