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As voted during our previously monthly meeting on Sunday, May 16, 2021, the following is being submitted for GM pre-approval.

The basic theme is a lighthouse on an estuary in Marshtown, somewhat nearby Glok's Pier as a callback to River's Rest. If GM approval is received to move forward with this concept, a formal vote will then be held.

Photograph of an estuary.


General guidelines

  • We've included notes based on all discussions as appropriate.
  • If you have additional ideas, but not a room design, add it to the appropriate room with two dashes under the "general idea" sort of bullet point area and sign your character name if you like.
  • If you have a room design for one of the five pre-pre-approved room concepts that someone has already fleshed out or have a suggested modification for a room that someone largely designed, but doesn't want altered, add your design/modification following the design that's already submitted. (make sure it's separated by a new line with a tilde or two)
  • If you have issues with formatting, just make your intent as clear as possible and someone (probably Astru or Kaldonis) will try to tidy up formatting issues. Go to the Discord channel.
  • No dinosaur/dragon bones (we're looking at you, Fyrentennimar).
  • If you have an entire room idea, go to the end of the appropriate section then paste your room idea along with your character name (use a tilde to create additional lines). If you don't want others to change around your room idea to their heart's content, indicate that.

Rules for room design

  • "Houses may design a new room to be added to their structure; the price includes three basic pieces of furniture. Access to the room may require portals (doors, stairs, etc.) or cardinal directional movement. Additional furniture and/or script functionality would be paid for by the piece."

Ambient Messages

  • Lighthouse
    The lighthouse pulses with brilliant topaz light, warning nearby mariners that they are approaching Marshtown.


We are intending a lighthouse on the estuary near Marshtown:

Geographic map of the Cairnfang river flowing into Solhaven Bay.

Considering the geographic intent and our interest to be outside the justice system, an entry portal (e.g., pier) is likely most suitable near Land's End:

[Marshtown, Land's End - 3902] 
The firm soil of the path to the northeast quickly turns to mud and pools 
of stagnant water to the southwest.  As progress becomes more difficult, a 
raised walkway made of wooden planks elevates travelers above the treacherous, 
sliding mud.  The falls to the northeast, known as Kaskara Zahar, or the 
Cascade Taehhar, pour from the Cairnfang River above, and the delta of the 
mighty Cairnfang rushes into Solhaven Bay to the south.
Obvious paths: north, south

Due south of Marshtown, Land's End gives an idea the kind of view we can expect in this vicinity, with explicit reference to the color of estuary waters.

[Marshtown, Shoreline - 1274]
As the raised platform approaches the Cairnfang river, less and less stable 
soil is available to support the buildings and inhabitants of Marshtown.  
Rafts of large barrels have been tied together and serve as flotation for the 
walkway and the squat wooden buildings that line either side.  A breathtaking 
and living display of color takes place in the waters to the southeast as the 
crystal waters of the Cairnfang mingle with the bluer waters of Solhaven Bay.  
You also see Langi's pier to the southeast.
Obvious paths: north, southwest
Modified Tsoran schematic map. Dark grey rooms are outside the justice system. The fuchsia room is a potential candidate: Marshtown, Land's End.

Layout overview

The below layout is simply a tentative draft which has not been voted on. 
Specific layouts and rooms are subject to discussion and modification after pre-approval of this general theme.
We are seeking pre-approval of a lighthouse on a pier by an estuary in Marshtown.
Keep in mind it is easier to discard the idea of, e.g., a sea cave after approval, than add one later which might not be approved.
  • Pier (Entry room; Fishing Pond activation)
  • Estuary (Swimming Hole activation)
  • Sea Cave (e.g., artifacts, interactive scrolls, etc)
  • Lighthouse (Members only - must have such a room prior to lockers)
  • Top of the Lighthouse (Lockers)
Draft map of the proposed design.

Open questions and future decisions

Telescope / viewing orb

Logically this makes the most sense at the Top of the Lighthouse, but probably should not be located inside the lockers. What regions do we want to see? What specific rooms do we want to see within a given area? What are the mechanical distance limitations?

  • Live Bait?
  • River's Rest?
  • Wehnimer's Landing?
  • OSA Ocean?

Location for museum-quality artifacts

Maybe we don't want them stuffed in a damp cave.

Can the lighthouse be seen from afar?

It would be cool if there was some sort of mood messaging, e.g. near the Solhaven ports for OSA and the Live Bait, relating to the lighthouse, but this might be well outside the scope of what a CHE can request.

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