Solstice Ornament Submissions

Design by Kaldonis

a ugly wooden ornament 

You see an ugly wooden ornament. It looks like no time was spent to consider it details at all, and it is just a template for you to copy and work on.

Design by Astru

a plush rabbit ornament

The one-eared rabbit is covered in a soft grey fabric. It has two pale pink buttons for its eyes, a heart-shaped, absurdly pink button for its nose and a large grey pom pom for its tail. It is wearing a small pink and green striped scarf with some golden text written on it.

read: Happy Solstice from Beacon Hall Archive, 5116!

A real design by Kaldonis

a sparkling glass ornament

The reflective ornament seems to be an imploded polyhedron. Suspended from its top-most point by a thin veniom thread, this fragile object might stir at the slightest breeze. Although its shape is difficult to ascertain in the ambient lighting, it seems to be a six-pointed star rendered in three dimensions. The top and bottom are each comprised of four concave pieces, merged to razor-sharp ridges at each intersection. At just the right vantage point, you catch a glimpse of a fleeting message, with a happenstance magnification.

read: HAPPY SOLstice from beacON HALL

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