Winter Solstice Ornament Ideas

a smooth/alabaster/sandsilver

Fading from an ombre tan center to cream edges, the sandsilver is circular in shape, the texture made smooth by nature over time. Instead of the typical five-point design adorning the center, an etched lighthouse dons the middle. A hole has been punched in the top of the thin sandsilver's edge which has a crimson silk ribbon tied in a loop. It appears to have something written on the back. Read: Winter Solstice 5115 Beacon Hall Archive.

a water-filled/crystal/orb

Captured inside the orb is a tiny version of the Maelstrom Bay in full force. Long, sweeping violet spirals sweep downward and intermix with numerous ripples of charcoal-hued water. Niveous caped waves roll and crash down over the surface, as they appear to dance around the vortex of the bay. The center of the whirl pool is black and the water moves in errant directions as it sweeps to the bottom of the sea. It appears to have something etched on it. Read: Winter Solstice 5115 Beacon Hall Archive.

a flaming violet/encased in/amber

The color of the stone is completely clear so that the captured flaming violet is still visible under the hardened yellow shell of the amber. Pristine in its physical properties, the purple-red hue of the flower appears to still be aflame even in its prison. Strung with an ivory ribbon at the top of the oval shaped gem, an intricate bronze latticework clasp allows the gem to dangle freely from the piece of fabric. A small bronze tag is affixed to it. Read: Winter Solstice 5115 Beacon Hall Archive

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