Stone Valley adapted by Frijthof Schoun from a report by Laranna MacRoy-Raevhaz

When Lord Hortinger passed through Wehnimer's Landing two winters ago, he told a story of a lost valley and a mad god. This was the first that was heard of Stone Valley, Meyno and Illoke the Immortal. This is the story of the cursing of the valley and the trapping of Meyno, in Hortinger's own words.

"Many, many years ago there was a tribe of giants who lived in Stone Valley. They worshiped Meyno and Meyno smiled upon the Valley - it was a lush and prosperous valley. Not much is known about Meyno, other than that she is said to be the eldest living giantess, although in recent years ... No one has seen a sign of her."

"What is known is that she had a son named Illoke. Not much is known about him, but what became apparent later.... where his mother was good and filled with love, he was filled with only hate."

"And so it went and so it goes...the giants' society was dominated in all aspects by the women of the clan and their society was unusual for giants. But not more than a few hundred years past, a male giant was born to the clan that had the mark of the shaman."

"He was brought up by the priestesses, but...some of the clan were not happy with the matriarchal society and sought to pervert this child to their own ends. To this end, they sought out...Illoke."

"And when he returned ... He returned to destroy the clan."

"And this shaman took the clan to the mountains. They built an enormous stone fortress between the twin peaks of Thanatoph. From there, the stone giants raided the surrounding lands until ... not many years ago ... the fortress in the mountains fell silent. While the stone giants still live there, the massive doors to the fortress are closed and no one has been able to open them. Now, I know not how much of the story is true, for I did not witness it myself. And to be honest, I am not steeped in the lore of giantkin, but I have seen Stone Valley and the destruction therein."

"I cannot take you there today ... but as soon as the weather clears ... and the pass to the valley is passable again, I will be heading through to fetch my wife."

"It's said that you can sometimes smell the stench of Potter's Field from atop Thanatoph - but I question whether that is the Field or Thanatoph itself."

"I shall return again in a few days, and I will ask those giantkin I know more of the story."

When asked about the fate of Meyno, Illoke's mother, Hortinger replied: "No one knows. Many whisper that she lies dead, but not dead...her body broken and her spirit gone, but unable to pass on ... There are some who whisper that she lives still, but is in such anguish over her son's betrayal. And the story goes that she was overthrown, and buried beneath her own shrine. I do not know if she is alive, gone mad or has died the final death. For even ... even immortals can die. Or worse, be their souls perverted to evil ends"

As most know, with the thaw a path was found south to the slopes and Thanatoph, and Stone Valley was discovered. On occasion the followers of Illoke, shamans, stone giants and stone sentinels, make an incursion to the Landing, testing, but the fortress remains closed, and Meyno remains trapped beneath her shrine.

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