The voting for the entry-room selection concluded on June 10th, 2016. This page is now archived. For the present design, see Ta'Illistim Annex.

We are in the planning stage of a future locker annex expansion near Ta'Illistim.

Location: VOTE HOUSE now in game!

The three rooms in green on the map below are GM-approved options, with their descriptions below.

We are voting on GREEN rooms

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Option 1

  • Lich ID 4994
    [Yegharren Valley, Trail]
    The trail wanders over a rise in the forest floor, passing through a stand of white birches than bend over the leaf-carpeted path from both sides. The hillside slopes gently down to the southeast, and the faint sound of a gurgling spring somewhere in the distance can be heard during lulls in the forest breeze.
    Obvious paths: north, southeast

Option 2 — WINNER

  • Lich ID 84
    [Whistler's Pass, Trail]
    A series of dark purple vines with green leaves twist along the rock walls. New shoots of growth can be seen reaching towards the heights of the pass.
    Obvious paths: northeast, west

Option 3

  • Lich ID 677
    [Sylvarraend, Wooded Trail]
    The trail winds around a small pond overhung with moss-draped oaks. Resting quietly on the moonlit surface of the pond, several ducks have tucked heads beneath wings for the night.
    Obvious paths: southeast, northwest


The member-approved concept was an archaeological digging site. Although still tentative, a rough brainstorming map is shown here:


However, note the following issues.

GM Elidi wrote: "The excavation area and hot spring "rooms" should not be the entrance area. They should be behind the walls so to speak as there is currently no lore or anything in the surrounding areas to support someone just walking into either one of these."

The Seethe Naedal was not an approved location, but we will not bother to update the map until we finalize an approved location

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