Tale of the Winterberry

Event log from day 12 of Eorgaen, 5114.  Outside Tartifacts Bakery, Icemule Trace.

[Beacon Hall Archive Tent]
Hardwood floors of gleaming birch are inlaid with darker woods forming an intricate Beacon Hall Archive coat-of-arms. Cheerful candles on gold candelabra brighten the spacious tent, casting merry shadows upon its lush, ivory velvet interior walls. A heavy crimson damask curtain embroidered with an open tome separates the dance area to the north from this main gathering spot. You also see an oval mahogany cart with some stuff on it and a discreet tent flap.
Also here: Gairwindor, Regent Richaard who is sitting, Light Keeper Jersea, Cabolt who is sitting, Great Lady Augierose, Hydencara who is sitting, Skipjack who is sitting, Vault Guardian Fyrentennimar who is sitting, Kayse, Astru, Keeper Kaldonis who is sitting, Great Lady Jadedlilly who is sitting
Obvious exits: north

Kayse begins, "On a beautiful spring day in River's Rest, the sun arose casting a golden salmon hue over the town. As the light leaked into the singular window in Bryon's room, he opened his eyes, not knowing that today would begin the adventure of his life."

Skipjack raises his winterberry ale in a toast to River's Rest!

Cabolt turns an inquisitive ear toward Kayse.

Skipjack chuckles to himself.

Kayse says, "After a simple breakfast and a wash in the Tempest River, Byron began his chores around the Stone Eye bar. Being a mongrel kobold, he was simple and kept to himself, but always took care of his customers and was attentive as any good bartender is."

Hydencara smiles River rest.

Hydencara beams!

Kayse says, "Byron climbed up a ladder to attend to the slab of slate that had the menu written on it. With a wet rag, he wiped the slate clean and began writing out the menu again with white chalk, his handwriting wobbly but still legible."

Kayse says, "As he wrote, a loud and condescending voice was heard from behind him."

(Kayse hunches down, a sneer curls on her upper lip).)

Kayse recites loudly:

    "The menu hasn't changed in years, do you really need to rewrite it every day? You have better things to do."

Kaldonis starts chortling.

Hydencara nods.

Kayse explains, "It was Myron, a mongrel kobold as well; slightly larger, and surprisingly well dressed. The relationship between the two isn't well understood, but it is alluded that Myron and Byron have some sort of a father/son relationship, but neither will confirm that to this day."

Gairwindor smirks.

Cabolt grunts, amused.

Kayse nods knowingly.

Jadedlilly takes a drink from her winterberry wine.

(Kayse draws a large "L" in the air. As she reaches the lower portion of the "L" her hand drops sharply down in a jagged fashion.)

Augierose giggles.

Kayse annoyedly says, "Upon hearing the recognizable voice of Myron, the "L" Byron was writing turned into a curlicue and he screeched the chalk across the slate. He let out a huffy sigh, nodded once, but did not turn around to face Myron."

Kayse suddenly says, "Then a thought popped into Byron's head, quiet at first, the idea grew louder in his mind."

Kayse recites softly:

    "Change the menu"

Kayse excitedly says, "The thought echoed like the waves lapping against the Stone Eye dock."

Augierose giggles.

Kayse recites softly:

    "A new brew
     To change the menu"

Kayse grins. Kayse says, "This idea was persistent and seemed to rhyme more than Byron's other ideas and was thus harder to ignore."

Kayse recites softly:

    "We need a new brew,
     To add to the menu
     It's time you grew too
     You know that it's true"

Gairwindor squints.

Jadedlilly takes a drink from her winterberry wine.

Kayse disgustedly says, "Myron walked over to the bar and wiped his index finger across the surface, then rubbed his thumb and index together frowning in disapproval and let out a scoff."

Cabolt flashes a wide grin.

Kayse says, "Watching Myron from the corner of his eye, Bryon tightened his grip on the chalk and continued writing out the menu."

Kayse says, "Myron studied the slate for a moment, a grin formed on his lips as he came to a realization."

Kayse recites thoughtfully:

    "Maybe it is time for a change," he said, "Perhaps we should try to brew a new drink."

Kayse quickly says, "Byron turned around on the ladder abruptly and glanced at Myron shocked."

Kayse recites dryly:

    "Do you realize you've been rhyming out loud this whole time Myron asked."

Kayse appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Astru giggles.

Skipjack chuckles.

Kayse embarrassedly says, "Byron blinked. If mongrel kobolds could blush, he would have just done it."

Gairwindor smirks.

Cabolt mutters something about kobolds.

Augierose giggles.

Cabolt snickers.

Kayse informs, "The two begin discussing the details of the new brew. Although they didn't always see eye-to-eye, Myron and Byron shared a love for brewing."

Kayse mentions, "It was merely a hobby and only one of their products was listed on their menu (and it wasn't THAT good), but the love for fermentation was something they could agree upon."

Kayse adds, "Since there weren't any local ingredients that they hadn't tried in a batch, coming up with something new seemed challenging."

Jadedlilly takes a drink from her winterberry wine.

Kayse says, "Bryon recalled a moment he had overheard a few weeks prior. As he was picking up a shipment of Kartagian whiskey in the Warrens, he overheard a halfling smuggler speak of the wonders of Icemule and went on to say he missed home, but mostly the freshly baked winterberry tarts."

Kayse curiously says, "They had never heard of this winterberry, but the idea of an exotic ingredient in their brew was exciting. So, it was decided that Byron would travel to Icemule to find the winterberry."

Kayse says, "On Byron's long journey, the thoughts kept echoing in his head, always more persistent and more elaborate..." Kayse recites softly:

    "To find what grew, with a crimson hue
     In frozen dew, go north with you!
     You'll make a new brew, renew the menu
     You've got to come through, your goal's in view"

Augierose giggles.

Cabolt cackles!

Kayse says, "Upon arriving in Icemule, Byron found himself in a place that was, although friendlier than the Landing, seemingly more odd as well. By the time, he was ready to interact with the halflings, he could only speak in rhyme."

Kayse recites gruffly:

    "How do you do?
     I'm Byron and you?"

Augierose laughs!

Kayse chuckles to herself.

Cabolt smirks.

Kayse amusedly says, "Spouting rhymes about winterberry brew, the halflings were confused about Byron's obsession with winterberries. Mainly out of curiosity, they gave him enough to make one batch, and he set to work."

Hydencara grins.

Hydencara beams!

Kayse explains, "This first batch was not quite as refined as what we know today down in River's Rest, but delighted at the concoction Byron had made, the halflings decided to arrange a deal with him."

Hydencara chuckles.

Jadedlilly yawns.

Skipjack appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Kayse says, "They would give him a discount on the winterberries if he bought them in bulk and shipped some of the ale back to Icemule, which you can now purchase to this day at the Night Owl Pub."

Astru grins.

Cabolt mutters something about owls.

Cabolt nods slowly.

Kayse grins at Cabolt.

Augierose giggles.

Kayse says, "Byron agreed and was led to Tartifacts Bakery to meet with the head baker, Yarder, who handled the winterberry trading. Byron's whiskers twitched as the aroma of sweet dough filled his nose upon entering the shop."

(Kayse sniffs the air attempting to look like a mongrel kobold.)

Augierose laughs!

Kayse says, "Besides winterberries, Yarder took so kindly to Bryon that he loaded him up with some supplies, two things of note were a bag of flour and strangely a butter knife made of vaalin. Byron questioned the objects but Yarder only replied."

Gairwindor smirks.

Kaldonis giggles.

Kayse recites squeakily:

    "If trouble pursues,
     You'll know what to do"

Hydencara nods.

Hydencara smiles.

Kayse says, "The halflings pointed Byron in the direction of Solhaven and a ship named the "Midwinter's Fancy" which would provide him safe passage back home. During his journey south towards the Tamyzzrrian empire, he thought to himself many times."

Kayse recites contentedly:

    "They'll be proud it's true
     Of your winterberry brew
     They won't know what to do
     You really pulled through!"

Cabolt takes a drink from his winterberry ale.

Augierose giggles. Skipjack smiles.

Hydencara grins.

Kayse interrupts, "The next part of our story is speculative. It was heard from a halfling sailor down in Solhaven, but Byron himself will not attest to any portion of his homecoming."

Hydencara smiles.

Skipjack gazes lovingly at a flagon of winterberry ale in his hand.

Kayse continues, "Coming to a narrow part of the path, Byron saw a troll sitting on the path. The troll's lips curled into a smirk, his eyebrow raised slightly, as he gazed distractedly at Byron. Steeling his courage, Byron approached the troll who called out:"

Kayse recites cruelly:

    "In order to pass,
     A rhyme you must cast
     You'll lay out a spread
     Or you'll soon be dead"

Kayse says, "Considering he only had limited supplies and precious winterberries with him, Bryon wasn't about to give up his secret ingredient to a troll. He was on a rhyming kick, so he decided to give that a shot to gain passage. Without missing a beat he said."

Speaking to himself, Skipjack says, "Stupid poetic trolls..."

Augierose laughs!

Kayse winks at Skipjack.

Astru giggles at Skipjack.

Kayse recites gruffly:

    "Let me pass. Oh, let me through!
     Your frightening teeth will not subdue,
     The passion I have to make my brew
     I need to head home, away with you!"

Kayse frankly says, "A blank expression crossed the troll's face and he stood dumbfounded as the kobold lugged the winterberries past him and hobbled down the trail." Cabolt applauds.

Cabolt takes a drink from his winterberry ale.

Kayse tiredly says, "By noon, Byron had reached the Zortahg trail and stopped by a river to drink. As he wandered away from his packs of berries, a brown bear roamed in from the wood and began rifling through the bags."

Skipjack gasps.

Cabolt raspily exclaims, "Oh no!"

Kayse nods at Skipjack.

Kayse worriedly says, "Byron torn between saving the winterberries or his own life, glanced down at his belt pouch to see the bag of flour and repeated out loud Yarder s words."

Augierose's face turns slightly pale.

Hydencara nods.

Kayse recites gruffly:

    "If trouble pursues,
     You'll know what to do!"

Kayse says, "Byron quickly ripped open the bag of flour and tossed it up into the air, creating a smoky white haze around the bear and winterberry packs."

Hydencara exclaims, "Has to be a hill troll oh my. take him out!"

Kayse grins at Hydencara.

Kayse says, "While the bear was in a daze, Byron quickly snuck in and grabbed his packs and set off before the bear even knew he was there."

Cabolt smirks.

Skipjack lets out a cheer!

Richaard exclaims, "He became a polar bear!"

Kayse happily says, "By mid afternoon he had finally reached the "Midwinter's Fancy" in Solhaven, boarded the ship and began his journey home."

Augierose giggles.

Kayse grins at Richaard.

Cabolt raspily exclaims, "Brilliant!"

Cabolt cackles!

Hydencara chuckles.

Hydencara giggles.

Kayse says, "In the middle of the great Western sea the halfling ship was stopped by the Imperial Navy for an inspection. The Imperial sailors were significantly less tolerant of Byron's rhyming and took issue with his intent to import twice a kobold's weight in berries."

Cabolt mutters something about the-Empire.

Cabolt lets loose with an involved and improbable curse against the day he was born.

Kayse adds, "Chaston's edict was so full of fine print that it was often used-or misused rather-to justify all sorts of seizures."

Hydencara nods at Cabolt.

Hydencara smiles.

Skipjack mutters under his breath.

Kayse grumbles.

Kayse recites gruffly:

    "You must let us through," Byron begged,
     "This imposition will not do!
     We've got a new brew to debut
     Please see my point of view!"

Augierose giggles.

Kayse grumbles, "This idiotic rhyming angered the soldiers so much that they grabbed Byron and tossed him and the winterberries into a large strongbox, locked it, and threw it overboard."

Hydencara nods.

Cabolt blinks.

Skipjack swears under his breath.

Jadedlilly pours herself a snifter of winterberry brandy.

Gairwindor squints.

Cabolt starts to snorfle, but suddenly turns purple and erupts into a coughing fit!

Augierose blinks.

(Kayse mimes being trapped in a box, a look of panic on her face.)

Kayse solemnly says, "Water began to leak into the strongbox and red winterberries floated around Byron as he began to claw at the sides of the box. Just as he was about to give up hope, he remembered the butter knife made of vaalin and the words of Yarder."

Kayse shakes her head, totally at a loss.

Augierose's jaw drops.

Kayse recites squeakily:

    "If trouble pursues
     You'll know what to do!"

Kaldonis laughs at himself!

Hydencara mutters byron.

Kayse tensely says, "Reaching for the knife, Byron began to pick the lock of the strongbox from the inside. He took his last breath and tried to channel the skills of a master locksmith."

Kayse relievedly says, "At the last moment, the locked "CLICKED!" The strongbox flew open; Byron and the winterberries floated to the surface."

Kayse lets out a sigh of relief.

Augierose slowly empties her lungs.

Hydencara applauds.

Skipjack hoots.

Richaard asks, "No trap?"

Richaard snaps his fingers.

Hydencara grins.

Kayse begins chuckling at Richaard!

Richaard says, "Just kidding."

Skipjack begins chuckling at Richaard!

Kayse delightedly says, "The halflings were still nearby and noticed a trail of winterberries appearing in the sea. Taking some fishing lines, they cast their nets into the sea and collected most of the winterberries and followed the trail to an exhausted and wet Byron."

Hydencara says, "Luck of the drawl."

Cabolt breaks out in a silly grin.

Kayse says, "Byron was so afraid of rhyming he could barely speak and the rest of the time he kept to himself and focused on the recipe for his and Myron's ale. When he got home, the two kobolds brewed a few batches until they perfected their Winterberry Ale recipe."

Augierose giggles.

Kayse concludes, "To this day Byron still works the bar at the Stone Eye and is still afraid to say much. But we down in Rivers Rest like to think that Byron s masterpiece, his winterberry ale, does the talking for him."

Jersea chuckles.

Skipjack raises his winterberry ale in a toast to River's Rest!

Kayse pours herself a flagon of winterberry ale.

Jadedlilly stands up. Augierose laughs!

Skipjack lets out a cheer!

Kayse raises her winterberry ale in a toast to River's Rest!

Augierose raises her winterberry brandy in a toast!

Kayse recites:

    "The end!"

Augierose lets out a cheer!

Gairwindor squints.

Richaard applauds.

Fyrentennimar raises his winterberry brandy in a toast to River's Rest!

Astru lets out a cheer!

Skipjack takes a drink from his winterberry ale.

Hydencara applauds.

Augierose turns to Kayse and cheers!

Kaldonis applauds Kayse.

Fyrentennimar takes a drink from his winterberry brandy.

Jersea applauds Kayse.

Augierose softly exclaims, "Love it!"

Gairwindor nods approvingly at Kayse.

Augierose hugs Kayse, who wraps her in a warm embrace.

Kayse bows.

Augierose softly says, "Well done." Cabolt coughs.

Kayse grins sheepishly.

Cabolt applauds Kayse.

Cabolt pours himself a flagon of winterberry ale.

Augierose raises her winterberry brandy in a toast!

Gairwindor raises his winterberry ale in a toast!

Cabolt raspily exclaims, "A tale for the ages!"

Cabolt cackles!

Speaking to his winterberry ale, Skipjack says, "You're safe and sound with us now....welcome back."

Hydencara says, "Nice story, very enclusive to all aspects."

Skipjack glances at a flagon of winterberry ale on an oval mahogany cart as if it really needs a hug.

Cabolt raspily says, "Odd to find such pleasure in a beverage birthed by kobolds and halflings, however."

Cabolt shrugs.

Speaking to Cabolt, Skipjack says, "Its one of the great wonders of the ale drinking world."

Augierose softly says, "An awesome tale."

Cabolt grunts in agreement.

Cabolt nods at Skipjack.

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