House Tattoo

To be honest, I didn't like the design I made, but I might as well put it here until I think of something better.

 a majestic sea turtle inked in cerulean on his forearm
  • The marine turtle is tattooed in profile at a slight angle with its flippers splayed. Inked in blue monochrome as traditional among sailors, the appearance is abstract owing to its lack of a distinct outline. Instead, the sizable carapace is rendered as a mosaic of isolated plates. Floating about the shell are its mottled textured limbs. In contrast, the head is sharply pronounced with a hooked beak clenching a feathered quill.

Stock Tattoos

 It's important to realize what stock tattoos exist
 There's more overlap than you might guess...
 Full listing of stock numbers to come!  
  • #8 - a delicate lily tattoo
  • #251 - a graceful lily tattoo
  • #591 - a white lily tattoo
  • #133 - an open magical tome tattoo
  • #196 - a quill pen tattoo
  • #343 - a primitive turtle tattoo
  • a crossed green pair of pickles tattoo
  • a grinning aardvark tattoo
  • a happy brown aardvark tattoo
  • a one-eared fluffy bunny tattoo
  • a one-eared rabbit tattoo

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