Theology 101 was the thesis project of Tharkisis Castile, one of the founding members of Beacon Hall Archive. It was originally presented in the Lyceum alongside the Elanthian Chronicles.

The Theology 101 classes were coordinated by Tharkisis, who invited clerics of different faiths to speak about their patrons and then posted the event logs online (wayback link below). Here, these logs are collected and reformatted to make them more easily accessible to current members of the Beacon Hall Archive or anyone else who is interested.

Theology 101

  • Luukos and the Undead presented by Armaxis Telexana
  • Gosaena: Beyond the Ebon Gate presented by Lord Brakian (log missing)
  • Fash'lo'nae: Clarity of the Slitted Eye presented by Tarkisis Castile (log missing)
  • Lorminstra: Keeper of the Keys presented by Lady Kadesha
  • Lumnis: The Wisdom of The Balance presented by Lady Iscikella
  • Sheru: Behind the Curtain of Night presented by Lord Setzier VonEvenlore
  • Ronan: Guardian of Night presented by Lord Arimantis
  • Eorgina: Queen of The Dark presented by Lady Jolivette
  • Zelia: The Plight of Sanity presented by Whisfylle Wyrefox
  • Ivas: Mistress of Seduction presented by Lord Psionix Weavespell
  • Mularos: The Power of Suffering presented by Lady Naamit DMonica
  • Oleani: More to a Rose than Meets the Eye presented by Lady Songie Fillee

Retrieved and reformatted by Astru.
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