Maelkyth’s Wholly Inadequate Guide to Empathy

Alas that you should stumble upon on my meandering thoughts. In no ways will this text impart any information on how an empath should shape their life. Nor will I further clarify the rather tedious art of warfare… pointy end is dangerous, point it in the right direction. Gods forbid you use a blunt instrument, I have no clue what you’d do with those. Beyond that, all else is fluff and observation. There are empaths whose life-calling readily makes apparent the path they wish to tread. For those who lack this instinctual drive, my apologies; this guide will not help you much. This document is more tailored as a summary for somewhat-experienced empaths and the general public.

I am no wizard with non-empathic magicks. Most secondary-circle spells are well beyond my understanding and used mainly for self-amusement or experimental purposes. As a healer, the empathic circle (at least up to 10) is a must for me, and I dare say all empaths (if I can make one general assumption, it is this…) Complete spell descriptions are available for viewing in any Elanthian public library. I strongly urge you to consult these unadulterated scripts for most accurate results. The following is merely for ease of access.

tables clipped, available here:

I have purposely narrowed my list of healing poultices to River’s Rest, Wehnimer’s, and Ice Mule curatives.

River’s Rest and Wehnimer’s Landing (thankfully) not only use the same herbs, but exclude the use of disgusting animal by-products for healing purposes. A glance at some of Icemule’s cures seem to make the symptoms worth bearing.

There exists a rather odd, though effective, way of identifying wounds amongst those who know the slang. Major wounds can be referred to level 2 or 3 (most severe). Minors are level 1, and never bleed. Scars can be identified in the same manner. A level 3 scar is usually quite impeding, and often saves you the effort of lugging a damaged limb around (by effectively removing it). A level 2 has adverse, though less-severe effects. A level one is mainly cosmetic, except when skinning critters and combing your hair. I leave it up to you to separate fact from fiction. I could never tell, but I have been told this…

Here are a few observations I’ve noticed concerning healing, and some clarifications on issues in which I’ve noticed general confusion:

1. Sovyn Clove does indeed restore lost limbs (SCARS); however… the wounds on that limb must first be healed down before you can cure the scar damage. (ie- two bites of ephlox moss, and one of ambrominas leaf… at this point, all wounds are healed; all that remains is scar, level 3, which Sovyn Clove heals flawlessly) Usually, you must heal down scars as you would wounds, except for missing limbs and missing eyes, which deviate from the standard reaction to herbal remedies. (see above chart)

2. Many may wonder at the sight of empaths "sharing" their wounds momentarily. Unlike herbs, when an empath transfers any wound, they leave no scar on the "patient". If the "patient" happens to be another empath, they (the patient) have usually healed-down a wound on an otherwise (usually) severely scarred area (at least, they SHOULD, if able). The dual-transfer removes the scar damage without the use of further herbs or spells, leaving only a minor scar on the one who heals it down, once healed (which is mainly cosmetic to an empath). This works for any patient, however. For example, if you should happen to loose a limb, I dare say you may not want to field-heal the wound beyond a minor. This ensures that the healing process your local empath undertakes will lift your scar damage as well. An empath in their 2nd year of training can transfer minor limb wounds, thereby lifting any level of scar damage in the process. (note: even the transfer of a minor limb wound by an empath will remove severe major scar damage, unlike herbs which will scar). Keep in mind, no empath can transfer scars from a patient, only existing wounds.

3. Tending should NEVER be used on an empath or bleeding individual unless they ASK. Empaths often stack many wounds, causing severe bleeding. Usually, they are able to control their healing well enough to stave off death. The act of bandaging requires a long period of recovery for the bandager and patient alike, wherein healing herbs and spells cannot be self-administered. Though well intended, this could cause your friendly local empath to soon require the services of your friendly local cleric.

4. For the young empaths... a few things to keep in mind.

  • The TRANSFER ANY command is your friend until you gain a firm grip on healing. It will transfer the highest wound you are able to take at your age. Be warned, though; should you stack two minor wounds on the same area, it WILL become a major and start to bleed. So, be certain to heal down your wounds (per area) before taking on others.
  • In the case of blood loss, TRANSFER ANY will also prevent "over-healing". For example: If you strictly TRANSFER blood from a patient, you take an amount based on the percentage of THEIR blood loss. If they happen to be a ten-year-old giantman, you stand to take on a LOT of blood… perhaps more than you possess yourself. TRANSFER ANY will ensure you do not lose more than half your blood in the healing process, assuming the patient has only blood loss left to heal. (Otherwise, you will take on the highest wound allowed for your training)
  • For whatever reason, the transference of nerve damage is accomplished along with blood damage. If it is the only (or highest) wound, a TRANSFER ANY will transfer the wound to you. Otherwise, once the patient is at full blood, another TRANSFER will transfer the nerve damage. If the nerve damage is being "borrowed" from another empath, PLEASE make certain YOUR (and likely, theirs) blood is full before you decide to borrow their wound. Not everyone is so careful, may TRANSFER, and may end up taking on more blood than prepared for. There is no harm in asking the patient if their blood is full before taking on nerve damage. Indeed, it may prevent the need for a cleric’s services.

This is all there is to the "crack in the fence" of Maelkyth’s school of empathic undertakings. Should you require clarification or wish more information, please corner me or consult any available empath for further assistance. As a parting thought, remember… "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". So, be reckless, keep your local empaths employed. That said, be safe. If you are too reckless, we have to call for the priest(ess). Keep your guard up and may good fortune ambush you at every turn.

-Maelkyth Loarne

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