Here we host a variety of archives as well as documents written by house members.

*Tsoran's page [#e4ca8dbc]
You can find [[Tsoran's page here:http://beaconhall.net/tsoran/]] which we fully archived before the page was taken down.  Tsoran had no affiliation with Beacon Hall, so this is simply for historical interest.

*Old docs on archive.org[#b891dd91]
For those wanting to travel back to 1995, externally archived [[USER DOCUMENTATION:http://web.archive.org/web/20080514105411/http://tavern.tamcon.com/GS3/infoGS3/index.html]] is here.

*Newer Resources [#x2e18677]
Ever wanted to update the map-db?  Here's a [[Mapping Guide]].
Maybe you want to learn more about what [[Alias]] is and see some neat examples?
If you hate this page (or others), you could edit it after [[Joining]].  But only if you knew how to edit pages, so the [[Editor Guide]] will get you started!
A [[Mapping Guide]] was created to introduce new mappers to updating the map-db.

Perhaps you have an interest in [[Aliases]]?

After [[Joining]], if you want to edit pages, the [[Editor Guide]] will get you started!

*Item Archive [#p7b5fcd6]
There are a lot of items in the [[Officer Closet]], which have finally been documented!

*Event Archive [#r50a184f]
This is an Archive of logs from Beacon Hall events.  First and foremost, we are now providing logs of many of our monthly events.  We will also be digging through our own records to add some from years past, too.

One feature for the roleplaying logs you will note is that they are fully done up in the third person; thus, the perspective is the one the reader would have if the reader also attended the event.

-Kayse's [[Flower Lore]] (from 5115.02)
-Kayse's [[Tale of the Winterberry]] (from 5114.12)
-Khiya gives a [[tour of the Citadel>Citadel Tour 5113]] (from 5113.01...log file still incomplete and being polished.)

*Games [#dd138438]
-Dodge the Void
--[[Dodge the Void 5115]]

*Annex Design [#f30cb3e7]
-[[Icemule Annex Original Archive]] has the actual annex design
-[[Icemule Annex]] has the requested improvements
-[[January 2021 Quarterly Report]] requests further IMT annex work
-[[Ta'Illistim Annex]] (unfinished, tabled design)

*Lore and other works compiled by members, past and present [#u21d616c]
-[[Member Theses]]

**Religious Lore [#sc147c39]
-[[Theology 101]] compiled by Tarkisis Castile
-[[Aeia]] by Sarahoff
-[[The Story of Tonis]] by Haxley Dormagic
-[[Legends and Myths]]: The Rise of the Feast of the Immortals and Lornon's Eve 
by Shiril Robintton
-[[The Evolution of the Mind]]: A Thesis on the Philosophy of Fash'lo'nae by Tarkisis Castile
**Historical Lore [#hd2bb8fe]
-[[Elanthian Chronicles]] (a collection of stories)
-[[Stone Valley]] adapted by Frijthof Schoun from a report by Laranna MacRoy-Raevhaz
-[[The Vvrael]]: A Chronicle by Frijthof Schoun
**Loresongs [#l9900f9b]
--[[The Loresong of the Falcon Head Pin]] submitted by Lyvonia (River's Rest)
--[[The Mummified Dog's Head]] loresong by Nofret (Battle of Maelshyve)
--Lorminstra Quest
---[[Lorminstra Warblade]] by Revalos
---[[Lorminstra Badge]] 
--Meyno Quest
---[[Lacrimosa sings to the orb]] donated by Tarkisis Castile
---[[Khaarne's Statue]] loresong by Merryleon
---[[The Stone Teardrop]] loresong by Nofret Hrist 
--Thurfel Quest
---[[Chortel's Orb]] loresong by Nofret Hrist
---[[The Urchin Spine]] donated by Chutnee
--Teras Isle
---[[The Fier'dracus]] loresong by Starrdust, donated by Lord Haxley
--[[Spider Charm]] (Move to the WWW)
--[[Butterfly charm]] (Butterfly Fest.)
--[[Dwu Gillywack]] mutable jewelry
-Fluff Items
--The [[Goat Pin]] (River's Rest)
--The [[Tiger Head Pendant]] 
**Guides [#oe262f4a]
-[[Wholly Inadequate Empath's Guide]] by Maelkyth
-[[Favor Guide]] by Maelkth
-Smelting Guide by Maelkth (was not archived)
-[[Forging Summary]] by Maelkth

*Lore book [#q4ff23fe]

We are working on a [[prototype of an online book with basic lore:http://www.cns.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp/~daid/bookreader/elanthian-lore.html]].  The scope of the project is yet unclear, but the concept itself is largely one of presenting material out-of-game in a more in-game context of something that feels more like a book.