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-[[Goat Fest 2022:https://gswiki.play.net/Beacon_Hall_Archive:_Goat_Fest_5122]] runs from Friday, May 20 to Sunday, May 22!
-Members should view and contribute to our [[Solhaven Annex]] design

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We welcome you to join our events.

*Welcome to the official Beacon Hall Archive website! [#z08cf855]

Although the House has gone through a number of websites over the years, we are aiming to mirror the content, as much as possible, from past sites which have since gone offline, as well as providing information for and about present members, as well as providing information for non-members as well as prospective recruits.  See [[Archive]] for more information on our efforts and [[Joining]] for how to help be a part of BHA!  We sure do have fun playing our [[Games]] where you can win [[Prizes]]!  If you do not like to read, you are probably playing the wrong game.

Beacon Hall Archive was formally chartered on 30 Imaerasta 5101 (30 September 2001).  We officially celebrated 20 YEARS as a House/CHE on September 30, 2021 with our grand 20th Anniversary celebration!

This is a wiki, so if you are a member, feel free to edit pages as you see fit.  There is a common login, ask an officer.  If you are new to wikis, the [[Sandbox]] is the best place to get started (somewhere you can play) and the [[Editor Guide]] has some quick tips from the experts.

*Charter [#f34e40e5]
<''The only Great House located within the town of River's Rest, Beacon Hall Archive is dedicated to serving the local community and residents. While providing the usual amenities of any Great House, Beacon Hall acts as a keeper of histories and lore specific to River's Rest as well as those pertaining to Elanthia in general. ''
<''Other functions of Beacon Hall is to serve as a culture-bearer for River's Rest by sponsoring local cultural events; maintaining a functional Archive of records for public access; and acting to serve local residents in whatever manner may be deemed appropriate.''
<''Beacon Hall welcomes membership from both the academically and non-academically oriented.''