*Food [#v2c21150]

[Beacon Hall, Staircase] - Pantry

a vial of winterberry ale (third ale)

a tiny chocolate lighthouse

a tall glass of water

some roasted corn-on-the-cob

a shot of Maelstrom rivershine

a lumpy pale green pickle

[Beacon Hall, Entry Hall] - Serving Cart

a tall glass of goat's milk

*Room [#d15abf96]

**Gateway: [#vda536e7]
 a flyrsilk ivory curtain

**Room title [#n74cc9f8]
 [Beacon Hall Annex, Lockers]

**Room Description [#p0cbadbb]

Rich teal walls capped with vine carved zydris woodwork enclose the room. Set along the walls are several candles in colorful glass sconces. A wood framed painting is hung above a plush crimson divan piled high with pillows. The stone floor is covered with a luxurious burgundy carpet displaying an interwoven vine and flower pattern.  Located at the center of the carpet is an olivewood pedestal table.
**Garbage can [#g0e98ee2]

"a heavy ceramic pickle crock" (trash can)

LOOK: The wide-mouthed earthenware crock is plain apart from a single embossed word: "Moomph". The tangy scent of vinegar still hovers about the crock.

**Seating [#c107eed5]

"a plush crimson divan"

LOOK: "Pillows with a variety of shape and color present themselves
LOOK: "A variety of plush pillows with a variety of shapes, patterns, and colors, present themselves for use, some of them at lopsided angles."

**Three items [#c16533c4]

Item 1: "sconces"

LOOK: "A variety of familiar scenes are etched into the glass of the sconces."

Item 2: "an olive wood pedestal table"

LOOK: "A lovely vase of fresh wildflowers is centered upon the pedestal table.  On the floor underneath sits a heavy ceramic pickle crock."

Item 3: "a wood framed painting"

LOOK:  "Two gargoyles glare out at you from the picture, one at either end of a granite bar.  A mongrel kobold stands behind the bar polishing a brandy snifter.  Several empty tankards are scattered across the top of the bar."