These have now been made!  I will update soon for the accepted descriptions and functions.

*Possible container [#ufee08d1]
I'd like something here, but the design is elusive.
**Description [#f15b9f6d]
-a sea green/velvet/neckpouch/clasped with a golden palm frond
--this one is really ugly!
-a salt-stained/blue leather/neckpouch
--better I hope
**Properties [#o58f9b47]
-neckworn, holds whatever the largest amount they'll allow these days (I had "small amount" but it was before Vanah updated all these inspections).
*Tincture forms [#t6cd22f1]
**Descriptions [#d1cfed49]
-a cobalt glass/phial of/aloeas/incised with a pair of dolphins
-a cobalt glass/phial of/ephlox/etched with a tidal wave
-a cobalt glass/phial of/pothinir/imprinted with a sea turtle
-a cobalt glass/phial of/rose-marrow/inscribed with a lighthouse relief
**Properties [#f1f0a3f7]
-Do not shatter when empty, like white flasks (does the noun cause a problem?  i.e. it will still be "rose-marrow" when kind of doesn't make sense.  I chose the nouns to make them convenient to use and simple to identify.)
-Hold 14 to 20 doses of the relevant herb (normal amount is 7...we want something cool here people might keep)
-Filled from alchemy tinctures (and also the standard potion in the case of rose-marrow)


Editors: [[Kaldonis]]