*THIS PAGE IS NOW FROZEN.  [[SEE THE FINAL READ-ONLY SUBMISSION (GOOGLE-DOC):https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TZNVs5FDxJyppCNN6XFRtt2BTcWZEIrUfLFG4H_L1j0/edit?usp=sharing]] [#j2241b87]
*THIS PAGE IS NOW FROZEN.  SEE THE FINAL READ-ONLY SUBMISSION [[GOOGLE-DOC:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TZNVs5FDxJyppCNN6XFRtt2BTcWZEIrUfLFG4H_L1j0/edit?usp=sharing]] OR &ref(Icemule Annex/Beacon Hall Quartery Request July 2020.pdf); [#j2241b87]

'''Let's update an annex together!  As of March 2020 the original submission became live.  Everyone is welcome to contribute!  This page has been updated to show functionality of the annex and highlight possible areas of improvement.'''

*Resources [#n98842f6]
-[[Official Room Construction Guidelines:https://sites.google.com/site/gs4che/room-construction-guide]]
-[[Official Annex Guidelines:https://sites.google.com/site/gs4che/influence-guide#TOC-Annexes]]
-Allereli's gswiki on [[Room design:https://gswiki.play.net/Room_design]]
-Some information such as ambient messaging, food/drink tastes messaging, day/night room description variations, etc. is not shown on this page but can be found in the [[Annex submission doc:https://docs.google.com/document/d/173KnYKVSdhdE5Y9U1Cg4KNkFekxE6Rrgst9hOhHUs8I/edit?usp=sharing]]
-Older information regarding design can be found on the [[Icemule Annex Original Archive]] page

*Notes & Tips [#v4fce1cf]
-If you have issues with formatting, just make your intent as clear as possible and someone (probably [[Frebble]] or [[Kaldonis]]) will try to tidy up formatting issues.  Go to the Discord channel.

*Improvement Proposals [#cd009d03]

-We have agreed to push forward library activation, some more food and drink, and a pub cat.  

**Library activation [#h31410ac]
 We voted to approve library activation with a good number of books.  Cost is 5 IP for activation (4 books) and 2 IP for 3 more books.  7 IP total.

-a rickety/wicker-wrapped/desk

The desk appears to have seen better days.  Bits of the wicker wrapping are peeling from its uneven legs.  Marks on the floor about the desk suggest it has been shifted frequently. Faded runes gouged into its surface preserve the name of some long-forgotten scholar. There are clearly visible foot-prints on the surface of the desk.

-a burnished/oak card/ catalogue

The catalogue is carved from fine oak, polished to a glossy sheen.  Its six small drawers are arranged in three rows of two.  Neat, brass-framed notices identify the contents of each drawer, and curved brass finger hooks allow for the drawers to be easily extracted.

-an intricately carved mistwood globe

A work of surpassing craftsmanship, the free-spinning globe is contained within a heavy ironwood stand. The surface of the globe is painstakingly carved and painted with geographic details. Your fingers trace a pronounced ridge that must represent the Dragon Spine mountains. As you turn the globe, you reveal areas of the map yet to be decorated, and your mind drifts to thoughts of exploration.

-an ink-stained elderly woman ''THE WORST IDEA EVER''
-a stern elderly woman with ink-stained fingers
--The elderly woman's hair is pinned into a tight bun, pulling the skin of her face into a webwork of crows' feet. Her wrinkled hands are smudged with black ink.  She is wearing a jerkin embroided with the crest of Beacon Hall Archive, along with a constant look of stern disapproval as she surveys the disarray in the area.

-Idle Script #1 'Can she have idle scripts?'
 The elderly woman glares suspiciously at you before putting her finger to her lips and aggressively mouthing, 'Shhhh.'

***Location [#t0f46ce3]

-[Beacon Hall, Brewpub Snug]~
-The narrow passage leading into this room opens into a much larger space.  Books are arranged in a series of darkly stained oak shelves that cover every inch of the walls.  No semblance of order is immediately apparent in the jumbled volumes of every size, color, and binding.  You also see some overstuffed chaise lounges, a narrow corridor and a silvery hoarbeam side table with some stuff on it.~
Obvious exits: none~
--a series of darkly stained oak shelves.
---The darkly stained oak shelves cover the walls from floor to ceiling.  Carvings of winterberries and their leaves adorn the front of each shelf.

***a deep violet suede cook book [#ja0ac938]
The soft, napped suede covering this book is the hue of a wild violet and even has a faint gilt shimmer when caught just so by the light.  Solid caps of gold reinforce the corners of the cover, and along the front is embossed a Moomph pickle with coppery highlights and the words, "River's Rest Pickled Cook Book," just beneath.  On the back cover of the book at the bottom are the words, "Third Edition, 5115."

***a velvety crimson cookbook [#we1d6dc6]
The exterior of the book is covered with crushed velvet in a hue richer and deeper than any crimson blazestar, and it is reinforced at the corners with solid caps of hammered bronze.  Along the front, in simple bronze script, is the title, "River's Rest Pickled Cook Book," while beneath is an embossed Moomph pickle with brassy highlights.  On the back cover of the book at the bottom are the words, "Fourth Edition, 5116."

***a rust-hued suede cookbook [#x3a15715]
This small, slender volume is bound in brushed suede in a rust-toned hue, and the corners of both the back and front covers are reinforced with triangular caps of gold.  Along the front cover, in simple silver script, is the title, "River's Rest Pickled Cookbook," while beneath is a smooth round of carnelian.  On the back cover of the book at the bottom are the words, "Fifth Edition, 5117."

***an enamelled gold-edged guidebook [#l8f0df79]
Fine enamels in many brilliant hues course over the surface of the fine gnarp leather binding.  Pictured upon the gnarp leather are several orange-striped bug-eyed fish circling around a grinning white skull with orange flames dancing in its eyesockets.  Gleaming golden mithril ornaments the edges of the cover, and shimmering pieces of dusky cat's-eye agate have been secured in matching mithril settings along the spine.

***an ancient bone-spined tome [#bf2d6710]
The yellowing faded pages of this ancient tome have spidery script detailing the deaths of thousands of adventurers. Each entry records their name, the year and cause of their life's end, each death considerably brutal and gruesome. Blood is caked across several pages in sharp contrast to the ominous starkness of the final blank page.

***You tap a deep blue ale-crested volume [#o847fb2b]
Gleaming yellow gold forms the image of a large ale mug on the dark blue mithril cover.  Faceted, circle-cut pieces of brown topaz and yellow heliodor depict frothy bubbles spilling over the rim of the ale mug.  More yellow gold inlay trimmed with pieces of shining yellow heliodor gives the volume's title: "What Every Elanthian Wants."  Below that, a slightly smaller line of gilded lettering reads, "By Plur Shisttle".

***a mithril-gilt cream leather cookbook [#rdb7e790]
Bands of silvery-blue mithril engraved with the images of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries reinforce the fine cream-colored leather of the cookbook.  A round cooking oven with tendrils of smoke rising from its half-open door has been embossed on the front of the cookbook, and large fancy letters traced in mithril above the oven's image read, "Yummy Stuff!"  Smaller letters underneath the image of the oven read, "by Leedle Beitt".

**NPC cat - a majestic but clever grey cat with super fluffy hair [#y4afeb0c]

 Approved with additions in June meeting.  IP unknown.

All we need is like a few kinds of aversive tactics, a short description, and a long description.  This kind of useless roaming NPC is completely allowed and simple enough!
 As you reach for the cat, it meows at you and gracefully avoids your touch.
 The cat pushes its head to your hand while purring, but stands back, always ready to run.
 [1st] As you point at the cat, it hisses and dodges to another corner.  
 [3rd] SOMEONE points emphatically to an empty space.  Maybe s/he has had too much to drink?

-Idle Script #1
 The cat briefly considers the area, keeping a watchful eye on its surroundings.
-Idle Script #2
 The cat rears up and hisses at you.  Before running away, it slightly stumbles over its own four feet.
-Idle Script #3
 The cat idly bats at a terrified mouse, which scampers away.
-Idle Script #4
 The cat jumps up onto an nearby object and then immediately jumps off.
-Idle Script #5
 The cat drops a plump mouse at your feet and looks up at you.  After a moment, the mouse attempt to dart off!  The cat quickly retrieves its prize and wanders off.
-Idle Script #6
 The cat begins hacking violently before producing a large hairball! The cat paws his creation into the shadows before walking away with a distinct air of disdain.

**ORDER script [#k278f050]

 ORDER script was voted against in June.  We all agreed to reconsider again later.

**Redesign of layout with cardinal directions [#x3673167]
 OUT in taproom leads out, etc.  


**More food and drinks! [#e28a6a4d]

 10 IP are approved from the June meeting.  This is flexible, but 20 IP was voted against.

 Unused, pre-designed items below 
-a glass of blue celestial ale

The full-bodied, fruity smell of this ale is noticable as you bring it near your lips to drink.~
Vibrant berry flavors erupt on your tongue as you sip this strange blue brew.~
You can feel a bit of grit, perhaps a tiny piece of stone, as you drink the tangy ale.~

-a bottle of winterberry sour ale

Tart winterberry is the first thing you taste, followed by a floral hint of flaming violet.~
You can taste the yeast at the bottle of this light red ale.~

-a mug of dark muddy stout

The aroma of the stout rises up to give you a big whiff of coffee with dark chocolate, roasted malts, and earth.~
A drink from your coffee-infused stout leaves the taste of dark chocolate and coffee followed by some roasted malts.~

-an oddly-labeled bottle of beer

Cool, clear, and crisp, this bottle of beer really hits the spot.
Your hand grips the strange label as you quaff this refreshing brew. You can barely make out an orc choking on a rat appearing above some faded script.

-a bottle of winterberry lager

Smooth to drink, this humble but well-crafted lager reminds you of home.~
You taste delicious hops and sweet winterberry as you quaff the lager.~

-a snifter of erithian ale

Blatantly hoppy, this bitter black ale has hints of hints of tar, walnuts, and broiled trout.~
You can taste jasmine leaves in this fragrant brew, and a small note of winterberry in the finish.~

-a mug of bilberry lager

This drink smells of hops, nuts, and smoke, while the flavor is that of blackberries. You also taste walnuts and tart, tangy apples.~
The lager is smooth and soft in the mouth, like the most delicate of silk. The flavor is sweet, but biting, like a kiss with a sharp nip.~

-a bottle of blood orange and apple cider

The cider is a thick and viscous pinkish orange, with a thin fizzy head, and quite refreshing to drink.~
The blood orange taste is overwhelming, and there's barely a hint of apple in this delicious, boozy cider.~

-a warm mug of butter beer

Thicker than most beers, you almost want to chew the cinnamon and nutmeg infused brew.~
You realize the potency of this butter beer as you taste winterberries and acantha leaf bitterness.~

-a bottle of dark red beer

Light on carbonation and body, the herbaceous and oily taste fades behind a pithy bitterness and a touch of malt sweetness.~
You take drink and taste hints of woody and herbal hops. This fine brew is light on carbonation and body.~

-some thick gravy-covered potato slices

These are almost crispy, but still chewy.~
Perfect, with just the right amount of oil and salt underneath the hearty gravy.~

-a fried cheese-filled green pepper

As you bite into the breaded exterior, you discover a thin, tender layer of green pepper and then a rich, salty cheddar cheese.~
You continue to munch on a delightful mix of breading, pepper, and cheese.~
-a golden brown pot pie

You bite into the crispy crust of the pie, your palate immediately notes the warm, comforting taste of the light, flaky, expertly baked outer shell.~
As you crunch through the delicate crust, your mouth floods with salty, creamy flavor of the heavy stew of cockatrice meat, potatoes, and various winter vegetables.~

-a crispy sweet potato skin

They're the perfect blend of crunchy and chewy.  The salty, oil-glazed potato skins greet the tongue with a burst savory flavor.~
And though invitingly starchy, with just a hint of rosemary, the potato skins carry enough oil to coat your tongue as you chew.~

-a cheese and sausage-stuffed pretzel

When you first take a bite, your taste buds are greeted by a smoky and not-too-spicy sausage flavor, mixed with a sharp bite from the aged cheddar.~
As you chew, the outer crust of the pretzel dough crunches pleasantly against your teeth as the gooey melted cheese and smoky bits of sausage mingle with your taste buds.~

-a bacon-wrapped brandy-soaked date

When you bite into the date, the sharply salty bacon wrapping the sweet, juicy date, as well as the the date's savory bleu cheese filling form a triad of complementary flavors.~
The contrast of soft cheese, succulent dates, and crispy bacon, are offset with the rich flavor of winterberry brandy.~

**More furniture [#nc9328fd]
 Post your ideas here!

**More ambient messaging [#ud491c54]
 Post your ideas here!

*Annex in Relation to Icemule Trace [#d87df371]
&ref(Icemule Annex/imt-southgate.png,376x328,It's the blue room);

*[Icemule Trace, Exterior - 3053] [#z0840744]
Snow blankets the landscape, though the path around Icemule Trace has been cleared, leaving piles of snow flush against the stone wall.  Shrubbery grows in great abundance here, most notably winterberry with its showy red berries.  You also see a shoveled stone footpath.~
Obvious paths: east, west

**a shoveled stone footpath [#n94071a0]
***GO FOOTPATH -> [Icemule, Winterberry Park - 28735] [#x8558a5b]

*Annex Layout [#ocb28c58]
&ref(Map/imt-beacon_hall.png,300x300,Beacon Hall IMT Annex);

*[Icemule, Winterberry Park - 28735] [#u094ef21]
This expansive reserve is bordered by large snow drifts and lush with seasonal flora.  Of special note are the various rows of winterberry bushes beneath a dusting of snow, each plump red winterberry ripe for the picking.  An occasional rodent or bird sneaks in and snags a bite.  Barrels and crates have been arranged beside a set of contraptions, and in an opposite corner the foliage has been trimmed in the form of an open tome with a feather resting upon it.  A low stone pub peeks out of one of the drifts.  You also see a shoveled stone footpath leading out and a wide birchwood bench.~
Obvious paths: none

**a shoveled stone footpath leading out [#s9c55de2]
***GO FOOTPATH -> [Icemule Trace, Exterior - 3053] [#pdecc829]

**a plump red winterberry [#xf3a2312]
***GET WINTERBERRY [#m49cfa5f]

**a wide birchwood bench [#w2f11ea3]
***SIT BENCH [#he3a40ac]

**a low stone pub [#v9b9a8a3]
***GO PUB -> [Beacon Hall, Brewpub Taproom - 28736] [#p341d4af]

*[Beacon Hall, Brewpub Taproom - 28736] [#uf20b250]
The heat of a large fire burning in the far wall warms this small, local pub.  The walls have been set with a rich, dark wood.  Small, round windows allow the sunlight to filter through.  Above the fireplace is an elaborately carved bleakstone mantle.  An array of pipes traveling up the walls and along the ceiling connect a large number of kegs to the taps behind a long mahogany bar, which dominates most of the room.  You also see an arch cordoned off with a purple velvet rope, a narrow corridor leading off to one side, a back door and a door leading out.~
Obvious exits: none

**a carved bleakstone mantle [#ybcfe7bb]
The carvings start out simple at the edges of the bleakstone mantle, with leafy fronds, looping jungle vines, and turtles that increase in size as they near the center.  In the very center of the carved mantle there is a prominent blood eagle clutching a hapless halfling in its talons' grasp.  The fur-footed, plump halfling's face is an exquisite display of sheer terror.~
(reference to the [[blood eagle:https://sites.google.com/site/gs4che/room-construction-guide]]'s propensity to capture and then drop adventurers)

**an array of copper pipes [#qbe8173a]
Copper piping with a range of diameters is suspended from ceiling mounting braces and wall brackets.  Various tinting from blue to green hues suggests the copper of the piping originates from a range of sources and was installed over a long time, with some newer additions over older existing lines.~

**a long mahogany bar [#o1015e5e]
The bar's top is smooth wax over chipped wood, clearly having seen some use and polishing, but its rolaren base has a series of intricate etchings that are only slightly worn from the wear of many a patron's boot.  The pattern of an aardvark and a one-eared rabbit cavorting on an overgrown meadow repeats itself at the bottom of the bar.  Above the scene, the line of a winding river gently curves up and down, creating the appearance of a lazy meander.~
(reference to [[Fluffy:https://gswiki.play.net/One-eared_rabbit]] and [[Snuffy:https://gswiki.play.net/Snuffy]])
***On the mahogany bar you see a half-shell coconut cup of dark ale, a tall rounded glass of winterberry-infused hard apple cider, a large soft pretzel studded with salt crystals and a small bowl of honey-roasted peanuts. [#e2aa1f20]

**an arch cordoned off with a purple velvet rope [#w14c8005]
***GO ARCH (BHA Members Only) -> [Brewpub, Royalty Suite - 28739] [#jbdb422c]

**a narrow corridor leading off to one side [#gb5b7ebe]
***GO CORRIDOR (Nook/Secluded Corner Script) -> [Beacon Hall, Brewpub Snug - 28738] [#p3b216f3]

**a back door [#pe7cd068]
***GO BACK DOOR -> [Beacon Hall, Beer Garden - 28737] [#j88d175d]

**a door leading out [#p7c97d82]
***GO DOOR -> [Icemule, Winterberry Park - 28735] [#n47419f5]

*[Beacon Hall, Brewpub Snug - 28738] [#gb124814]
The narrow passage leading into this room opens into a much larger space.  Books are arranged in a series of darkly stained oak shelves that just seem to go on and on.  Volumes of every color, size, and binding are put together in some semblance of order that isn't immediately apparent.  You also see a silvery hoarbeam side table with some stuff on it, a narrow corridor and some overstuffed chaise lounges.~
Obvious exits: none

**a series of darkly stained oak shelves [#de5b49f8]
The darkly stained oak shelves cover most of the wall space from floor to ceiling.  Across the top, there is a carving of winterberries and their leaves.

**a silvery hoarbeam side table [#nccf4ef5]
The top of the table is buffed to a bright shine, reflecting everything placed upon it.  The legs are carved in a tight double helix and a spiral pattern adorns the skirt.
***On the hoarbeam side table: [#f5ccce33]
Food/Drink [2]: an oblong cinnamon-dusted pastry, a cup of hot cider~
Total items: 2

**a narrow corridor [#r3e9cdec]
***GO CORRIDOR -> [Beacon Hall, Brewpub Taproom - 28736] [#u74eafcf]

**some overstuffed chaise lounges [#tc60e1e7]
Some tufted, red velvet chaises lounges are scattered throughout the room.  They appear perfect for curling up with one of the many books arranged on the shelves here.
***SIT LOUNGE [#x1d7d921]

*[Beacon Hall, Beer Garden - 28737] [#g0777897]
A raging bonfire smokes and shoots sparks lofting up into the open air of this roofless room.  Some blackened stone benches have been placed a respectful distance from the fire.  The walls have been raised here, tapering at the top like a lighthouse, to prevent snow drifts from becoming too troublesome.  You also see a snowbank with a bunch of shovels stuck in it and a door.~
Obvious paths: none

**a bonfire [#yd0622d5]
The bonfire pit is contained within a ring of scorched rocks.  To one side sits a brass bucket of kindling and some neatly-stacked logs.
***PUT <trash> IN BONFIRE [#m37180c3]

**some blackened stone benches [#gb4ddc72]
The stone benches are covered in a thick layer of black soot.  In spite of the blackened surfaces, clearly-defined carvings remain visible in the backings.  On the right side of each bench, a massed horde of krolvin and trolls approaches the middle, which is in the shape of an elaborate drawbridge suspended over a gorge.  Opposed to these forces on the left side of each bench are battlements set with a small force of heavily armored soldiers interspersed with wavy, almost phantasmal troops.~
(reference to the fall of [[the Citadel:https://gswiki.play.net/Citadel]])
***SIT BENCHES [#m1e60d8e]

**a snowbank with a bunch of shovels stuck in it [#t74755b4]
The irregular snowbank, full of scoops, walls, and uneven areas, is studded with the imbedded handles of shovels of all sizes that stick out at various intervals.  A collection of icy shards in all lengths and thicknesses are piled around the edges.
***ATTEND SNOWBANK [#i29227df]

**a door [#ad027117]
***GO DOOR -> [Beacon Hall, Brewpub Taproom - 28736] [#aaeb6015]

*[Brewpub, Royalty Suite - 28739] [#c8eab0fe]
Oiled black sconces cast a dim yet steady light upon the green and blue marble floor.  A series of connected, soft grey couches surround a quaint mosaic table.  The far wall is adorned with a richly woven tapestry.  You also see a bubbling hot tub, a large blackboard, a wastepaper bin and an arch cordoned off with a purple velvet rope.~
Obvious exits: none

**some soft grey couches [#h1af9b4a]
The couches are comprised of several pieces, some longer and some wedge-shaped, arranged in a wide, arcing semicircle.  Each one is upholstered in a rich grey velvet spread taught over plush cushioning.  Several matching ottomans are scattered haphazardly in front of the seating area.~
***SIT COUCH [#i9a8c348]

**a quaint mosaic table [#s5092ce7]
Four wrought-iron legs gracefully arch from the floor and culminate in a round band which supports a thick mosaic table top.  Bits of sea glass comprising a rainbow of colors are arranged on the surface to give the impression of a lighthouse perched on the edge of a steep cliff near sunset.~
***On the mosaic table: [#vf4818d3]
Containers [1]: a round ice bucket~
Food/Drink [3]: a snifter of winterberry stout, a small basket of fried cauliflower florets, a pickled blood eagle egg~
Total items: 4

**a round ice bucket (on a quaint mosaic table) [#v94c5878]
***In the ice bucket: [#p061da17]
Food/Drink [1]: a flute of winterberry champagne~
Total items: 1

**a richly woven tapestry [#j40cfadd]
The tapestry is a map that depicts the town of River's Rest and its environs.  Richly detailed in colorful threads are a rich tropical jungle, a wide bay full of boats, and a bleak moor.  At the bottom, intricately threaded in arching blue and green letters, reads the name of this wondrously woven illustration: "A TASTE OF HOME."  To the left of these words appears a stitching of an old boot.  To the right of the label, a wooden log has been sewn.  The tapestry partially conceals a curtained opening.~

**a bubbling hot tub [#e024d54c]
This curious contraption is essentially a copper tub, ringed with a mass of metallic tubes of varying thickness, which spiral downwards and seem to converge into the ground.  The steamy, bubbling water within the tub is quite inviting.
***GO TUB [#j1b92cae]
 You hop into a bubbling hot tub and refresh yourself with a quick soak before hopping back out and shaking yourself dry.

**a large blackboard [#h00e714c]
***READ BLACKBOARD [#k53f63c7]
***WRITE {item}; {message}. (BHA Officers Only) [#s5e2a4ec]
***NUDGE BLACKBOARD (BHA Officers Only) [#j20c4624]
***RUB BLACKBOARD (BHA Officers Only) [#bc1efaed]
***SCRATCH BLACKBOARD (BHA Officers Only) [#g7673ca3]

**a wastepaper bin [#v82d389e]
 The wastepaper bin is filled with a variety of garbage.  You see nothing useful or appetizing.
***PUT <trash> IN BIN [#f5168515]

**a curtained opening [#v8dc19bc]
***GO OPENING (your locker must be in Icemule) -> [Beacon Hall, Brewpub Locker - 28740] [#h10f3d43]

**an arch cordoned off with a purple velvet rope [#y4810ff8]
***GO ARCH -> [Brewpub, Royalty Suite - 28739] [#r61c6387]

*[Beacon Hall, Brewpub Locker - 28740] [#z2cddc3a]
Stout wooden kegs, each banded with iron and stamped with a white lighthouse emblem, are stacked upon one another against the walls of this room.  A long silver mirror, somewhat burnt and warped at the edges, sits in a corner beneath a colorful round lantern, the flickering flame within casting long shadows around the cellar.  You also see a rickety wooden counter with your locker on it.~
Obvious exits: none

**some stacked kegs [#u5867504]
As you glance over the stacked barrels, you notice a crooked spigot sticking out at an oblique angle from a cask labeled, "Winterberry Special Reserve, Very Fine."  Behind the barrels, you see a curtained opening.~

**a colorful round lantern [#bc8f0c0e]
 The lantern is lit.  You see nothing unusual.
***LIGHT LANTERN [#kf777bad]

**a rickety wooden counter [#xd1c4c97]

***On the wooden counter: [#tf045c76]
Containers [1]: your locker~
Total items: 1

**your locker [#oc5373bd]
***OPEN/CLOSE/etc. LOCKER [#wf852613]

**a long silver mirror [#ya1f2719]
***PEER MIRROR [#d682efa1]
 You look at yourself carefully in the silver mirror...

**a curtained opening [#n80ce929]
***GO OPENING -> [Brewpub, Royalty Suite - 28739] [#s51daaca]

*Table of Contents [#q024d4dd]