''Mapped locations can be accessed in Lich by ;go2 beaconhall'' : River's Rest, Wehnimer's Landing, and Icemule Trace.  You'll be taken to whichever branch is closest!

-See the [[Mapping Guide]] for instructions on becoming master mapmakers of a sort, like [[Astru]] and [[Kaldonis]]!

-See [[Lockers]] for directions to lockers in other towns not covered here, which can also be accessed directly with your [[House Pin]].

*Beacon Hall Archive Map [#v967de01]

The main branch of Beacon Hall Archive is located in River's Rest.  The hall is 
generally open to the public, and we welcome you to explore our grounds which include: a super node (blue on the map), tables, a workshop, a library, and much more!~
&ref(Map/rr-beacon_hall-1405076623.png,500x331,Beacon Hall Archive); 

*Beacon Hall WL Annex Map [#mbfb8662]
The first Beacon Hall Annex is located in the Kobold Village outside Wehnimer's Landing. It includes a gallery with many historical items (mainly donated by Railien), a library and a lounge (which is members only). 

&ref(Map/bha-wl.png,165x222,Beacon Hall WL Annex);

*Beacon Hall IMT Annex Map [#iae95a52]
The second Beacon Hall Annex is located near the south gate of Icemule Trace near some lovely shrubs of winterberry.  It is a Brewpub that is mostly open to the public. 

&ref(Map/imt-beacon_hall.png,300x300,Beacon Hall IMT Annex);

*Miserable Forest Mazes [#x09227b6]
If you ever wondered how the Lich mapdb can run through the Miasmal Forest mazes so quickly, it's because we completely solved them.  These are not digitized because they are not very practical.  [[More details are here:http://forum.gsplayers.com/showthread.php?57828-lrn2map/page52]]

&ref(Map/spectral-mists.png,282x400,Miserable Forest, Part I);
&ref(Map/ghostly-trees.png,282x400,Miserable Forest, Part II);

*Credits [#w7c5d94e]
 These maps were possible thanks to:
-one eyeball
-[[a gnome:https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Dia]]
-a friendly minor demon