Minutes from meetings: (some are not yet formatted to the wiki).

*Year 5120 [#u8254799]

**Q2 [#n35903b7]
***19 April 2020 [#pbff22bb]

 - Proposed agenda for next meeting

It is planned we will firstly approve the new Light Keeper Frebble by a vote of affirmation.  We should confirm and document all 'latest affrimations' -- most of them were the end of 2019.

Secondly, Kaldonis noted some minor discrepancies in the 'official' (according to this website) Bylaws.  These were mainly typesetting errors which had gone unnoticed, as well as one update of an officer title since that time (Title here is 'Event Coordinator' [which was not according to the updated CHE rules] and 'Chronicler' as the Co-Secreatry name -- not related to above officer swap).  It is assumed there will be no objections, but a "Bylaw" change (according to our "official" ones) should at least get noted.  We might have a discussion over which are the official ones, etc.

2.5 - review Kaldonis's recent prize expenditures for five 100 ct. jars (100k each) and a smuggling satchels (150k) and vote weather to reimburse.
2.5 - review Kaldonis's recent prize expenditures for five 100 ct. jars (100k each) and a smuggling satchels (150k) and vote weather to reimburse.  If voted to approve, a HOUSE NOTE shall be written.

Thirdly, we shall select the time for Restday Fastbreaking for the month of May.  If no vote can be reached, it will remain at noon.  Once this is agreed, a monthly support request to the calendar will be submitted by Kaldonis.  A brief report on last week's brunch, and a general discussion of brunches may ensue.

Fourthly, a brief reminder and/or notification will be mentioned on the two game pins we requested in the most recent quarterly.  We requested credit for running 2 events (we did not run brunch in January, and it is noted we technically did not have a Calendar listing in March despite a formal request with notice).

Fifth - we will consider the Icemule Trace Annex updates, as we now have 3 months.  We shall gather our previous unfulfilled submissions and try to estimate our remaining IP and tentative suggest an amount we would like to allocate for this project as a ballpark estimate.

Six - floor is open to discussion

*Year 5119 [#i7890eb0]
**Q3 [#r6e6d612]
- Minutes [[5119-09-22]]
- Minutes [[5119-08-18]]
- Minutes [[5119-07-21]]

**Q2 [#w1665f5d]
-Minutes [[5119-05-19]]
-Minutes [[5119-04-28]]

**Q1 [#tbb8b3f0]
-Minutes [[5119-03-17]]

*Year 5118 [#rb960e4b]
**Q1 [#b42e66f9]
-[[Minutes 5118-03-18]]
-[[Minutes 5118-02-18]]
-[[Minutes 5118-01-20]]

*Year 5116 [#k31788d6]
**Q3 [#a5fef0a6]
-[[Minutes 5116-09-24]]
-[[Minutes 5116-08-20]]
**Q2 [#h8d5eaea]
-[[Minutes 5116-06-25]]
-[[Minutes 5116-05-21]]
-[[Minutes 5116-04-16]]
**Q1 [#p38b2276]
-[[Minutes 5116-03-19]]
-[[Minutes 5116-02-20]]
-[[Minutes 5116-01-16]]
*Year 5115 [#k13416b0]
**Q4 [#b541aa32]
-[[Minutes 5115-12-22]]
-[[Minutes 5115-11-21]]
**Q3 [#z32649dd]
-[[Minutes 5115-08-26]]
-[[Minutes 5115-07-19]]
**Q2 [#s5f96ae6]
-[[Minutes 5115-05-16]]
-[[Minutes 5115-04-20]]
**Q1 [#f15a2719]
-[[Minutes 5115-03-21]]
-[[Minutes 5115-02-16]]
-[[Minutes 5115-01-17]]
*Year 5114 [#s857dbdf]
**Q4 [#p7927bde]
-[[Minutes 5114-12-15]]
-[[Minutes 5114-11-16]]
-[[Minutes 5114-10-12]]
**Q3 [#yaf71a38]
-[[Minutes 5114-09-20]]
**Q2 [#yaf71a38]
-[[Minutes 5114-06-23]]
-[[Minutes 5114-05-26]]
-[[Minutes 5114-04-28]]
**Q1 [#pda737a2]
-[[Minutes 5114-03-31]]
-[[Minutes 5114-03-17]]
-[[Minutes 5114-01-27]]
*Year 5113 [#g3a16974]
**Q3 [#fa6126d3]
-[[Minutes 5113-09-12]]
-[[Minutes 5113-09-02]]
-[[Minutes 5113-08-12]]
**Q2 [#fa6126d3]
-[[Minutes 5113-06-17]]
-[[Minutes 5113-05-06]]
-[[Minutes 5113-04-08]]
**Q1 [#z8d14d23]
-[[Minutes 5113-03-11]]
-[[Minutes 5113-02-18]]
-[[Minutes 5113-02-04]]
-[[Minutes 5113-01-21]]
*Year 5112 [#z759b24f]
**Q4 [#dcb5e534]
-[[Minutes 5112-12-10]]
-[[Minutes 5112-11-26]]
-[[Minutes 5112-11-12]]
-[[Minutes 5112-10-29]]
-[[Minutes 5112-10-15]]
*Year 5102 [#md5897f1]
**Q2 [#mc61555e]
-[[Minutes 5102-05-08]]
-[[Minutes 5102-04-13]]
**Q1 [#g16373d7]
-Minutes 5102-01-05 (missing)
*Year 5101 [#u0a590f9]
** Go to the Minutes from [[5101]] [#pe6f723b]

*Year 5100 [#c7ddd7ff]
**Q4 [#rdb455da]
-[[Minutes 5100-12-10]]
-Minutes 5100-11-12 (missing)
-Minutes 5100-11-10 (missing)
-[[Minutes 5100-10-22]]
-[[Minutes 5100-09-10]]

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