Keeper Kaldonis
Lady Jersea
Curator Raincail
Event Coordinator Astru
Chancellor Khiya

Quarterly report
- Due October 7th
- Resubmitting food items as past two quarters
- Annex design suggestions due date late September?
- Tattoos/amulets/perfume holders need to be voted on

- Resume bimonthly meetings (1st and 3rd Monday of the month)
  - One is officer-only meeting
  - General meetings first Monday
- Meeting September 30th to finalize quarterly report

Absent Officers
- Voted for action (Kaldonis, Astru, Khiya, Raincail, Jersea vote "aye")
 - Remove Thundin (no notice due to earlier non-response)
 - Khiya to email Selma


Pickle fest planning
- Discussion of possible prizes resulted in a tour of the vault so we
  all know where the prizes are kept.
- Games: Dodge the Pickle? Scavenger hunt?

- Discussion of possible activities
- Race?

Keep Event (organized by Kaldonis)
- Proposed for September 26th at 21:00
- Raincail offers to assist
- Promotion for event by inquiring about the poem on the forum and
  advertising there.

Spirit Night Event
- October 31st
- Combined event with other houses in the landing
- Buccaneer Ball (costume ball)

Solstice Event
- Start to consider ornament design