Beacon Hall Archives Meeting Minutes
 Restday, day 18 of the month Charlatos in the year 5118
 (Sunday, March 18th, 2018)

*Present [#r837af51]
-Hall Guardian Fyrentennimar
-Light Keeper Jersea
-Chancellor Kaldonis
-Keeper Astru

*Charlatos Event [#o6b3055d]
-Graveyard tour and games
-Toured the graveyard
-- Learned why Nontan has a grave there
-Catapult game followed
-- No fatalities, but many maimings occurred

*Event organisation [#m2cd7a54]
-Attempt to run tour and games before meetings on a bimonthly basis as recurring  event
-- Unclear if we can have bimonthly repeating or if only monthly is an option
- Downside: we wouldn't allow people to know what we're going to do by calendar
-- But other advertising options will let us get the word out so probably okay
- We should ask if it's possible to have bimontly recurring event

*Cataclysm event [#z7797a67]
-Phoentos 1 is the 100th year anniversary of the Cataclysm, we should do events
-Possibly this year's major event 
-Maybe we should do it at the end of Koaratos and then Goatfest in Phoentos
-Deadly games every day
-- Dodge the Void, Ring of Fire, Dock Diving, Bridge Jumping, Catapult, Gem of Fate, Turban of Death
-River's Rest lore
--Ruined tower tour (wizard who worked there was lost during Cataclysm)
--Smugglers Wars started as a result

*Goatfest [#se780c67]
-Collaborative event with other houses
-Possibly in Phoentos or Imaerastas, depending on Frontier Games event

*Olaesta Event [#p50df5b5]
-Pun or joke contest on the first?
-- Try to recruit a new member into running it with assistance perhaps?

*Icemule Annex [#o4488827]
-All indoor rooms or one outside for Gem of Fate?
--If outdoor, have windows to peer out to allow for safe viewing
-Outdoor room suggestion:
-- Patio with a big fireplace and seating.
-- Like River's Rest Hall, Courtyard, but with a fireplace and snow because Icemule
--Kaldonis's flag collection counld have a home

*Membership [#i53b583d]
- Etchiri for membership?
-- 4 yay, 0 nay

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