Here is a place for house members to brainstorm on new ideas.
 Any new page you make for playing, brainstorming, or sharing ideas can be linked here.
*Sandbox [#qbb80801]
-Can I throw sand in the sandbox?
--Yes, and you should.  Just don't erase stuff that's unfinished!
-How can I play in the sandbox?
--The best bet is to hit the Edit button, make a page or category here, Update, then click the broken link(s) to make your new pages.

*Q4 2016 [#y82a4405]
-[[WL Annex Park Items]]

*Solstice Ornament [#cface88a]
-[[Solstice Ornament 2016]]

*Prize Closet Items [#d6e2c596]
-[[Herbal remedies]]
-[[Amulet Holder]]
-[[Winterberry Perfume/Cologne]]
-[[Game Badges]]

*[[Pantry Food]] [#m7269fad]

*Furniture [#ba014d58]
-[[Gazebo box]]

*[[Kobold Librarian]] [#i6f44ed3]

*Criers [#pdca7c38]
-[[WL Annex Kobolds]]

*Items to Represent BHA [#y7c54020]
-[[Solstice Ornament Ideas]]

*[[Ta'Illistim Annex]] [#uea407da]

*[[Icemule Annex]] [#h217297f]