Let's design an annex together!

*Maps [#x35d2a78]
 You see a jumbled pile of dragon bones in one corner.  
 Made you look.  On closer inspection, it turns out to be an immaculate carving.
&ref(Ta'Illistim Annex/bha-ti-annex-sketch-v2.png); 
&ref(Ta'Illistim Annex/bha-ti-annex-entry-room.jpg,454x354,It's the green room);
- (Left) Tentative map of the annex itself.  (Right) Green room shows the approved entry to the annex.

**Technical information [#p725e6b9]
You probably don't need to worry about the number of spaces after each sentence when you're brainstorming, but if you were planning to design a Summoning Chamber it would be useful to know at the outset that such mechanical functionality cannot be added to Annex rooms.  Two of the best resources for questions broad and narrow can be found below:
-[[General room design rules:https://gswiki.play.net/Room_design]]
-[[CHE Influence Point Guilde:https://sites.google.com/site/gs4che/influence-guide]]

**Annex location[#r47372df]
(For information on the voting, see the [[Ta'Illistim voting page>TI Annex]].)
-''Lich ID 84''~
''[Whistler's Pass, Trail]''~
''A series of dark purple vines with green leaves twist along the rock walls.  New shoots of growth can be seen reaching towards the heights of the pass.''~
''Obvious paths: northeast, west''

*General notes [#g5d8c869]
- I've included notes on each room based on discussions during meetings and feedback from Elidi. 
- If you have additional ideas, but not a room design, add it to the appropriate room with two dashes under the "general idea" sort of bullet point area and sign your character name if you like.
- If you have an entire room idea, go to the end of the appropriate section then paste your room idea along with your character name (use a tilde to create additional lines). If you don't want others to change around your room idea to their heart's content, indicate that.
- If you have a room design for a room that someone has already designed or have a suggested modification for a room that someone largely designed, but doesn't want altered, add your design/modification following the design that's already submitted. (make sure it's separated by a new line with a tilde or two)
- If you have issues with formatting, just make your intent as clear as possible and someone (probably [[Astru]] or [[Kaldonis]]) will try to tidy up formatting issues.
- No dinosaur/dragon bones (yes, I know that sucks).

**Rules for room design [#uf8ae88b]
-"Houses may design a new room to be added to their structure; the price includes ''three basic pieces of furniture''. Access to the room may require portals (doors, stairs, etc.) or cardinal directional movement. Additional furniture and/or script functionality would be paid for by the piece as above."

*Individual room ideas [#b380f61e]
**Entry Room [#u013a4f9]
(New room: 6 IP.  Up to three furniture items come at no additional cost.)
- This room should be free of artifacts and other things that might cause confusion with the local lore.
- It should link to the ''Tent/Cabin'' and the ''Hot Spring Room'' also back to the trail.

***Astru's suggested room [#f11127b8]
[Beacon Hall Annex, Quiet Meadow]~
The soft, grassy carpet on the meadow floor provides a welcome change of scenery from the trail. The sounds of birds chirping can be heard in the air and the shelter provided by the nearby mountains combined with the clear mountain air makes this a pleasant place to stop and rest. The grass has been trimmed near the entrance of a study tent, a stunted tree grows next to the opening in the trail wall, and some vines seem to have crept over the facade of a low crumbling building.~
Obvious path: none

- This is a really rough version. My concept is basically that the entry room is an alpine meadow. So short grasses, wildflowers, at most stunted trees. I feel like there should be some lichen covered rocks too, but I couldn't figure out how to get them in.
- The building goes to the spa.
- The opening goes to the trail.
- The tent goes to the tent (obviously).

ambient suggestions:
-Should have a goat running through. A majestic mountain goat.
-Maybe birds chirping.

**Hot Spring Room [#r3997de2]
(Redesigned existing room, e.g. the present entry room to the locker area.  Thus, it is already an ''earthnode''.  Price included with the base Annex cost.  Swimming Hole activation: 2 IP.  Total: 2 IP)
- This is the members-only area.
- This room should link to the ''Locker Room'' and the ''Entry Room''.
- The general idea of this room is:
-- Ancient/ruined healing centre
-- Sulfurous hot spring
-- Relaxing, tranquil atmosphere
-- Old mosaics
-- Bench
-- Open air (maybe?)

***Astru's suggested room [#ld143d1e]
[Beacon Hall Annex, Ruined Spa]~
Three of the walls surrounding the sulfurous pool appear to have crumbled significantly, leaving the space open to the air. Faded mosaics of humanoid figures at the spa adorn much of the remaining wall. The pool itself seems to be fed by a nearby hot spring, as it still seems serviceable, though it also causes the smell of rotten eggs to permeate the air.~
Obvious path: out

look mosaic~
The mosaic should show people at the spa relaxing in the pool. Some of them should be attended by other figures, suggesting that this is a place of healing.

- Needs some way to get to the lockers.
- Probably also needs some work.

ambient suggestions:
-Should have a goat running through. A majestic mountain goat.
-Maybe birds chirping.
-Something about the spring gurgling and releasing more stench. 

**Locker Room [#zf46899d]
(Redesigned existing room, e.g. the present locker room.  Price included with the base Annex cost.)
- Links to ''Hot Spring Room'' by a puzzle.
- ...we haven't really discussed design here at all.
- This might couple well with the Hot Springs if we theme it as a locker-type changing room, etc.  Maybe it can have a shower!  Maybe we can get some ideas from Japanese onsen locker areas.

***Kaldonis's brainstorming [#g3cc16ab]
[Beacon Hall Annex, Shower Room]

A modest courtesy sign
-For the continued satisfaction of all our guests...?
-The sign reads, "To ensure sanitary conditions for all our guests, we kindly request all gnomes to pee over in this direction."  A giant red arrow points over the edge of the precipce.

Make the locker like a changing room.

Could be modelled on a Japanese onsen style room?
-So a small tap near the ground
-Okay, a small mountain spring
-It empties into a shallow pool
-maybe with some bubbles or some nice stones at the bottom
-There can be a towel hanging there
-Maybe hanging on a low tree branch
-But in a nice way not like just there
-A small bench

Maybe a small waterfall instead?

What in the room tells you that it is private?
-Is it a copse of trees?
-Is it in a dingy cave?
-Is there a small corner ledge shielded by a rock wall near a precipice?

**Tent/Cabin [#xf150be1]
(New room: 6 IP.  Up to three furniture items come at no additional cost.  Library activation: 5 IP.  Total: 11 IP)
- Links to ''Entry Room'' and ''Catacombs''.
- This room should contain:
-- Refreshment area
-- Bookshelf
-- Seating?
- General design idea
-- A bit makeshift, but tidy.

**Catacombs [#y3fd6c0c]
(New room: 6 IP.  Up to three furniture items come at no additional cost.)
- Links to ''Tent/Cabin''. Possibly via a puzzle.
- Should be underground.
- Design ideas:
-- Skeletons!
-- Cobwebs!
-- Artifacts!
-- Creepiness!

*Present IP Cost [#efd68040]
The Annex so far costs ''35 IP'', with the breakdown as follows:
-10 IP for the base Annex
-6 IP for three new rooms (18 IP total)
-2 IP for Swimming Hole
-5 IP for Library

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