Friday, November 17th

9th Annual Ki-lin Hunt

  • Start time: 22:00 (EST)
  • Location: [Twilight Hall, Grounds] (lich #8622)
  • Coordinator: Rolfard (Twilight Hall), Xorus (Brigatta), and Kaldonis (Beacon Hall).
  • Event: Meet at Twilight Hall's house grounds to accompany Purveyor Rolfard as he leads the 9th Annual Cooperative Ki-Lin Hunt with co-hosts Kaldonis of Beacon Hall and Xorus of House Brigatta! Groups will travel to the Misty Chamber and Sheruvian Temple in search of the legendary and elusive ki-lin!

There were at least three groups, with two ki-lins summoned. 3 horns were distributed randomly at 23:00.

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