From the desk of Frebble:

In the beginning, there was Kaldonis. As he hails from the future, he alone had the power to create the wiki. Much of it remains mysterious to us, and yet we can elucidate the edges of meaning around its surface, which is porous, much like a tart hot from the oven that doesn't have the right mix of flour and wa---

Nevermind about that. Here's how to create articles.

The Basics

The first thing you can do is go to Members and throw [[YOURNAME]] this around your name in the officer/member list.
Then you can Update the page.  Then by your name is a ? you can click.  Now you can edit your page.
So one thing you need to know.  Line breaks are strange.  You need to put ~ at the end of a line to get a line break.
You can make lists with *Heading1 **Heading2 ***Heading3 which show up in #contents (if you call it)
You also get lots of [#hashcrap] stuff at the end of *Heading things.  Do not delete these, except if you are pasting a page for a new template.






You are now ready to approach the original holy text, also known as the Book of Help.

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