Beacon Hall Archive Meeting Minutes
Restday, day 17 of the month Eorgaen in the year 5123
17:00 elven time standard
(Sunday 17 December 2023, 5:00 PM EST)


  • Astru
  • Kaldonis
  • Fyrentennimar
  • Riverman

Khiya is gone (cancer)

  • Raincail's idea of Bellaja as a bat is good for Halcyon Hills, but maybe something for her other characters as well
  • Let's do something ASAP for a vampire bat, and longer term projects can become part of the Solhaven Annex or otherwise
  • Memorial event
    • Citadel tour
    • How about we redo the Citadel Tour 5113?
    • Need Song of Peace bard ... but who without Jersea and Frebble

Q4 quarterly for January 2024

Brunch activities

  • Might as well advertised capped bandits sometimes.

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Compiled by Kaldonis

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