Beacon Hall Archive Meeting Minutes
Restday, day 23 of the month Lumnea in the year 5124
14:00 elven time standard
(Sunday 23 June 2024, 2:00 PM EDT)


  • Riverman
  • Astru
  • Kaldonis

Details on Khiya memorial

  • Xynwen emailed us
  • Kaldonis responded internally
  • Not really from "BHA" or for "Khiya" but otherwise fine.
  • Kaldonis forwarded his email discussion with Wyrom
  • Astru will take care of the rest

Solhaven Annex

  • Renovated exterior, but signs of past water damage inside, perhaps related with a library
  • RT to get to the top?


  • Goatfest?
    • Kaldonis will run an event and a game but doesn't want to run Goatfest
    • Discuss on discord

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Compiled by Kaldonis

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